*MISS EARTH 2012: ROUND 2 of FAVORITES, Meet them…..

ROUND 2 Update:

Still on top of the list is SOUTH AFRICA’s bet, Tamerin Jardine! With her 2 gold medal wins plus more in the way, This stunner can definitely take it all. We’ll see if she maintains this spot! watch out for the next rounds! On 2nd place is new-entry in the list POLAND’s Justyna Razcyk, this beauty is kicking butts since her arrival, Poland is poised to reclaim its status as a powerhouse in this pageant! Climbing a notch higher is the blonde goddess Tereza Fajksova of CZECH REPUBLIC at #3, her pulchritude brings forth so much anticipation and excitement to this pageant! VENEZUELA’s Osmariel Villalobos trades her previous spot to the Czech queen but still in contention of a crown, she was one of those standouts during the press presentation with her signature “booty tooch”. Coming in at 5th place is new-entry Battsetseg Turbat from MONGOLIA, she literally wowed the venue, this asian charmer packed with a great body is an emerging favorite!

Still in the list are the following Misses;

KENYA’s Fiona Konchella (#6 in the list, I just love her!),THAILAND (Warrathaya Wongchayaporn who is one of the popular candidates at #7), PUERTO RICO’s Darli Pacheco,SWEDEN’s Camilla Hansson ,USA’s Siria Bojorquez, BRAZIL’s Camila Brant (with a GGRRREAT BODY!), RUSSIA’s Natalia Pereverzeva, these girls have landed the spots from #10 to #14 respectively! COSTA RICA’s Fabiana Granados (who is a total stunner at #17) and FINLAND’s Kristina Airi settling at #20. These Beauties have even exceeded expectations since pre-arrival Let’s see who among this group will penetrate the elite circle of 5 in ROUNDS 3 and 4 (The Final Round).

NEW ENTRY in the list:

After winning some important medals in the first few activities, these beauties have managed to land in this Chart: Misses TURKEY at #18(who already won 2 Gold medals), NEPAL at #15 (with 2 silvers and is currently making waves), NETHERLANDS (what a gorgeous girl! She’s at #8), AUSTRALIA (debuting at #16) GUAM (who just won Miss Sociable) and of course the total stunner from MOLDOVA (Aliona Chitoroaga who generated some buzz in the press presentation landed at #9), all 6 got 1 medal each, have also been impressing some pageant fans!

Note: And with a tough batch this year, I decided to add an extra spot into this list because I can’t help but notice the fierce and ferocious beauty from PARAGUAY at #21, Alexandra Fretes has indeed turned heads wearing the 2 piece yellow bikini during the presentation, that body is the BOMB! I can’t wait to see her strut her stuff in the swimsuit competition!

There you have it folks, that’s all for now on this ROUND 2 Update: I’ll definitely be back with ROUND 3 next week so stay tuned for that. Meanwhile if you wanna check the ROUND 1 list and which countries dropped out in ROUND 2, visit this page


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