*MISS EARTH 2012: ROUND 1 Pre-Arrival Favorites…

Hey Folks! The Miss Earth season has begun! It’s that time again where all the gorgeous and earthly beauties from all parts of the globe gather together for one cause, to advocate the protection of our 1 and only Mother earth! Come and join me as I commence the pageant with this year’s ROUND 1 (Pre-Arrival) Favorites.

#1. SOUTH AFRICA (Tamerin Jardine) – Wow, talk about impressive credentials! This girl has it! She is slated to compete next year but for some unknown reasons, Tamerin replaced Kim Rivalland. I’d say it’s a wise move for Miss Earth South Africa headed by the gorgeous and former titleholder herself Catherine Constantinides! Paging Carousel Productions, it’s high time to crown somebody from an established national organization. Kudos to you guys!

#2. THAILAND (Worattaya Wongchayaporn) – She is undeniably Asia’s Best bet to win the title! This girl is a force to reckon with! I should point out that this country has been doing well in this pageant. Just when I thought Thailand sent its best rep in the person of Rujinan Pansithum in 2009, that all changed when Worrattaya was crowned as Miss Earth Thailand! This woman is FLAWLESS!!

Osmariel Villalobos#3. VENEZUELA (Osmariel Villalobos) – Everyone in the pageant world knows how serious this country is when it comes to pageants, and we can’t complain why they consistently reap the rewards! This year, Venezuela has great chances to win it’s 2nd title since 2005! Osmariel boasts all the traits on what a Miss Earth queen should be! Need I say more?

Tereza Fajksova#4. CZECH REPUBLIC (Tereza Fajksova) – Just when most pageant pundits got so upset and frustrated by last year’s fiasco (when the hometown girl advanced all the way to top 4!) The crowning of Tereza gave a gleam of hope to everyone (including yours truly) she is the main reason why I’m doing this right now! So Carousel, I’m making a plea! Crown the most deserving yet Gorgeous beauty!

Fiona Konchella#5. KENYA (Fiona Konchella) – Oh boy, last time I saw a stunning African beauty was in 2008 (Tanzania’s Miriam Odemba). Now one of the latest additions is the beautiful Fiona from Kenya, a country who had already won the Miss Earth title in 2002 (Kenya succeeded when Bosnia’s Djeila Glavovic was stripped off). A former Miss World candidate, Fiona appears very prepared and stands poise to place her country on the pageant map again!

Darla Pacheco#6. PUERTO RICO (Darli Pacheco) – She’s full of personality! She’s so endearing in interviews and yet when she’s on stage she turns into a fierce and hardcore competitor! Everyone should watch out for her because her body is smokin hot! I can’t wait to see her burn the Miss Earth stage! And her communication skills are excellent!

Camila Brant#7. BRAZIL (Camila Brant) – This country is sending another stunner! She has a svelte figure and her face is soo hard to ignore! If the ultra sexy Drielly Bennettone placed 2nd last year, what more for Camila? who has a high voltage of sexiness!

Siria Bojorquez#8. USA (Siria Bojorquez) – Here’s another bombshell! This country is back in the game! Can she be any hotter than this? this country’s highest placement was back in 2005 with the hottie Amanda Kimmel! Now there are 2 things comparable to these two, both Siria and Amanda have a bangin’ body plus they have a resemblance to Angelina Jolie! Will it work for Siria’s advantage this time? I hope so!

Kristina Airi#9. FINLAND (Kristina Airi) – this country is back! This girl looks like a Hollywood star, she has this uncanny resemblance to Kirsten Dunst but a lot sexier! It would be great to see her crack the semi-finals! Goodluck girl!

NAtalia Pereverzeva#10. RUSSIA (Natalia Pereverzeva) – Goddess alert, goddess alert!! She is competing at a high level! And it’s a very good decision for her to dye her hair from platinum blonde to brunette! Great job for “desexifying”, cuz her sexy genes are mounting! remember too much of “something is bad enough” (remember the Greek goddess in 2008?) I guess you know what I’m talking about!

Cindy Kohn#11. COLOMBIA (Cindy Kohn-Cybulkiewicz) – I haven’t made my research but I believe our Miss Colombia this year has Polish lineage (correct me if I’m wrong). Anyway, I am so impressed with her communication skills as shown on her Eco video! After a 2 year absence from the semi-finals, I’m very certain that Colombia will be back in the semi-finals again! watch out.

Fabiana Granados#12. COSTA RICA (Fabiana Granados) – After being absent in 2011, Costa Rica is back this year with yet another stunning delegate! She has one of the best improvements I’ve seen from the night of her crowning up until this writing! Last time Costa Rica placed was in 2003 with the unforgettable Marianela Zeledon Bolanos who won Miss Water, can Fabiana duplicate that feat?

Prachi Mishra#13. INDIA (Prachi Mishra) – as the last one from the Team Femina, the biggest pressure lies on Prachi Mishra since her compatriots have done exceptionally well in both Miss World and Miss International (and Imho should’ve placed higher). Anyway, let’s focus on Prachi, I think she scored big points with her Eco video, I even believe she can win that Eco video contest! All that plus her swan neck, svelte figure and stunning look, India can claim it’s revenge after a snub in the semi-finals last year!

Estefania Realpe#14. ECUADOR (Estefania Realpe) – This country has a strong following in 2012 with the gorgeous Estefania. After finishing in the Top 2 for two straight years, what this country needs now is to really take it seriously by staging a National pageant, calling attention of the national director! C’mon get your act together, now is the perfect time to maintain the momentum, start scouting possible candidates for next year and stage a pageant night!

Camila Hansson#15. SWEDEN (Camila Hansson) – Everyone’s in consensus that Sweden is sending a top notch candidate again this year! some pageant followers say she is the Miss Earth prototype! She possesses vivacity and is very pretty! She deserves a higher spot than this but this is just Round 1 so anything can happen!

Tatiana Bischof#16. ARGENTINA (Tatiana Bischof) – I placed her here because she really impressed me in her Eco-video! This photo doesn’t do her justice, cuz she looks so beautiful in the video! You better watch out for it yourself to know what i’m talking about! Last time Argentina placed was in 2001, can she give her country its 2nd placement?

Meanwhile meet the rest of the Pre-arrival Favorites..


10 thoughts on “*MISS EARTH 2012: ROUND 1 Pre-Arrival Favorites…

  1. Go Tamerin… @Miss Earth SA! She’s a true ambassador! The work she’s done and still doing is amazing! Keep climbing

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