The Top 20 Favorites before the Preliminaries!

After 2 weeks of Non stop touring across the Philippines and despite a very hectic schedule, the ladies are ceasing the moment! you can really tell that they’re having the time of their lives! Now as we’re nearing the final week  it’s time to update our leader board, this is based on overall impressions. So let’s take a look!


The FAVORITES Before the Preliminaries

  1. THAILAND (Chalita Suansane)
  2. ARGENTINA (Estefania Bernal)
  3. BRAZIL (Raissa Santana)
  4. COLOMBIA (Andrea Tovar)
  5. FRANCE (Iris Mittenaire)
  6. PHILIPPINES (Maxine Medina)
  7. SIERRA LEONE (Hawa Kamara)
  8. NETHERLANDS (Zoey Ivory)
  9. VENEZUELA (Mariam Habach)
  10. CURACAO (Chanelle De Lau)
  11. INDONESIA (Kezia Warouw)
  12. NICARAGUA (Marina Jacoby)

GIRLS who can pull a surprise:

  1. MEXICO (Kristal Silva)
  2. GREAT BRITAIN (Jaime Lee Faulkner)
  3. US VIRGIN ISLANDS (Carolyn Carter)
  4. MALAYSIA (Kiran Jassal)
  5. USA (Deshauna Barber)
  6. UKRAINE (Alena Spodynyu)
  7. AUSTRALIA (Caris Tiivel)
  8. HONDURAS (Sirey Moran)

Can’t wait for the crucial preliminaries! That’s the time we’ll get to see who are deserving to place in the Top 12 come January 29!!

Stay tuned for my Final Forecast!!


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