The 65th Miss Universe Pre-Arrival Picks

This is it, the most Exciting and the Most talked about Beauty Pageant is once again taking place and this time it’s happening in the sunny Philippines (this is the country’s third staging of this beauty event). I have a feeling this is going to be a spectacular show!

There are a bunch of hotpicks surfacing and I won’t let the chance pass by without me publishing my very own choices, so here it is guys! Please welcome my Pre-Arrival Picks for the 65th Miss Universe Pageant!

Let’s count it down, shall we?..

Haiti (Raquel Pellissier)

20th. HAITI (Raquel Pellissier)– I’m loving this Caribbean beauty, ever since she was crowned. Recently she made headlines by asking donations since she’s having a tough time with her national org as far as expenses and sponsorship are concerned. I’m sure she moved past that challenge and now she’s all set for the Universe! I hope to see Haiti do well.

BELGIUM (Stephanie Geldhof)

19th. BELGIUM (Stephanie Geldhof)– I love her, I have the same affinity to her the same way I had with her predecessor Anneliese Toros. And she’s naturally stunning! I have high hopes for Stephanie!

BRAZIL (Raisa Santana)

18th. BRAZIL (Raissa Santana)– Right now I’m placing her here but I have a gut feel she will give us a Yendi Phillips performance (I remember placing Yendi at #18 back in 2010 and voila you know what happened next).

RUSSIA (Yuliana Korolkova)

17th. RUSSIA (Yuliana Korolkova)– no one seems to talk about Russia, but let me start the hype. I think she is a doll and is worth the hype. I know you guys love Yana Dobrovolskaya and she was robbed at Miss World, don’t worry Yuliana will avenge her!

GREAT BRITAIN (Jaime Lee Faulkner)

16th. GREAT BRITAIN (Jaime Lee Faulkner) – She has a beautiful face and I heard it through the grapevine her team is working hard to give her a fabulous wardrobe! The Brits want a Miss U crown that’s for sure!

PERU (Valeria Piazza)

15th. PERU (Valeria Piazza) – For some reason I find her to be the spicy one. She’s the ingredient to perfect the concoction! Valeria was one of the delegates I was eyeing ever since she was crowned and she continues to impress me, standing beside the hometown girl might be a disadvantage for her but it’s a good challenge! so go for it Valeria, I wanna see Peru in the Top 15!!

MALAYSIA (Kiran Jassal)

14th. MALAYSIA (Kiran Jassal) – I think Malaysia is at a point where they’ve realized they have been left behind since its neighbors have been doing well in the last few years and so they have awaken. I’m loving the fact that team Malaysia is working their butts off by providing Kiran an amazing wardrobe (trust me guys that petronas towers national costume might win) and also that evening gown took my breath away! So far it’s my favorite. I’m also seeing a warm response from our Malaysian pageant fans,  I think they finally got the right ingredients and it will pay off come finals night!

FRANCE (Iris Mittenaire)

13th. FRANCE (Iris Mittenaire) – I know you’d tell me I ranked her way too low, I’m aware of that, and I’m also well aware that Team France is hungry to win the Miss Universe crown! Aside from Malaysia, Iris will bring forth an amazing wardrobe for the competition in Manila, we’ve seen her Evening gowns and boy all of which just blew me away! I can sense she might just breeze through the Top 5!

THAILAND (Chalita Suansane)

12th. THAILAND (Chalita Suansane) – Right now I’m placing Chalita here, but I’m sure she will do her country proud! She has great projection skills and also a magnificent wardrobe! good Job Team Thailand!

PANAMA (Keity Drennan)

11th. PANAMA (Keity Drennan) – I originally had her in my Top 5 but I haven’t seen much of her preparations even up to this day, maybe she’s on stealth mode to avoid being jinxed. Anyway, I do think she will do well in the prelims, my only fear is that her look is “Too fierce” and strong that it might play against her. I’m afraid she might end up like Laura Spoya (Top 15 at Miss International but failed to place in MU 2015). And I still believe MUO still holds a grudge since Panama backed out of hosting in 2012. I hope with the pageant under new management all has been reset.

BARBADOS (Shannon Harris)

10th. BARBADOS (Shannon Harris) – Every year we get to see a positive surprise from non powerhouse countries, and we can all agree this year it’s Shannon Harris from Barbados. This country has been absent for almost a decade and I’m happy to see them back with a bang! not just a bang but a BIG BANG!

VENEZUELA (Mariam Habach)

9th. VENEZUELA (Mariam Habach) – Venezuela has been relegated to just a Top 10 spot for the past 2 years and it seems to be a tough battle for the country to penetrate the Top 5 since some sleeping powerhouses have awaken. Mariam may not be the most beautiful but let’s see, Filipinos love Venezuelan beauties and this will work to Mariam’s advantage! Based from her preparations, she is channeling Lydimar Jonaitis and I think the cool and quiet confidence will work wonders for her!

USA (Deshauna Barber)

8th. USA (Deshauna Barber) – This Tyra Banks deadringer  has improved big time, She’s refined and speaks with substance. A very well spoken lady like Deshauna, I think she might just win it all.

ARGENTINA (Estefania Bernal)

7th. ARGENTINA (Estefania Bernal) – Are you kidding me? Argentina is fielding yet another Goddess! The only problem with being a goddess is that it brings forth an air of superficialness. Reigning MU Pia Wurtzbach has stated in interviews that MUO is not looking for the most beautiful winner but a woman who is relatable. Ouch! And how many goddesses have we seen settle in the Top 10 only? (e.g. Rozanna Purcell, Melinda Bam come to mind).

INDONESIA (Kezia Warouw)

6th. INDONESIA (Kezia Warouw) – Hello Indonesia, wow this country is also hungry for the Miss Universe crown! Right now I can see her advancing into the Top 10! Kezia is tall and statuesque, I think she needs to work more on her personality, that’s my only comment about her when I saw her in December during their Manila visit.

CURACAO (Channele De Lau)

5th. CURACAO (Channele De Lau) – Gorgeous! towering beauty! I believe this woman will take your breath away. Watch out for her, Curacao is on a roll!

PHILIPPINES (Maxine Medina)

4th. PHILIPPINES (Maxine Medina) – Maxine may not have the entire nation’s focus but this girl is doing her homework. She’s not resting on laurels and is determined to make her countrymen proud and those qualities won me over! I love the spunk, her demeanor and boy her projection skills have improved by leaps and bounds. I can honestly say she perfected that Miss Universe walk! Out of all the Asians, she is still the one to beat!


3rd. NETHERLANDS (Zoey Ivory) – A huge surprise here! She wasn’t my first choice back in her National finals since I was hell-bent to see Shauny Bult representing the Netherlands. But when she won, she already started making heads turn. There must be a reason why she won the title! This girl can rock any given hairstyle (trust me if she sports that Mel B curls, Miss Brazil is out). Ivory is the one to watch out for!

MEXICO (Kristal Silva)

2nd. MEXICO (Kristal Silva) – Kristal has the biggest advantage since she already experienced the Filipino culture. Having competed at Miss Earth 2013 and placed among the Top 8 was no easy task! I just hope she keeps the fire burning and hope she won’t get bored or get too complacent of her status as a contender! You still have to work it girl!

COLOMBIA (Andrea Tovar Velasquez)

1st. COLOMBIA (Andrea Tovares) – The Pageantdom is in unison that Andrea is the overwhelming favorite to win it all. I can see that! My only qualm is that she tends to resemble Zuleyka Rivera (a notorious former Miss Universe 2006) and that might just be a drawback to her winning. But other than that she is determined to avenge her compatriot from last year’s mess. And remember Colombia placed 3rd runner-up in ’74 and 1st runner-up in ’94 all of which took place in the Philippines, so go figure!

Here’s my banner, feel free to repost, it’s for free haha!
Usually my Pre-arrival picks bear the most success as far as what the actual turnout will be, will it be the same this year?

The 65th MISS UNIVERSE Pre-Arrival Favorites:

1. COLOMBIA – Andrea Tovares
2. MEXICO – Kristal Silva
3. NETHERLANDS – Zoey Ivory
4. PHILIPPINES – Maxine Medina
5. CURACAO – Channele De Lau
6. INDONESIA – Kezia Warouw
7. ARGENTINA – Estefania Bernal
8. USA – Deshauna Barber
9. VENEZUELA – Mariam Habach
10. BARBADOS – Shannon Harris
11. PANAMA – Keity Drennan
12. THAILAND – Chalita Suansane
13. FRANCE – Iris Mittenaire
14. MALAYSIA – Kiran Jassal
15. PERU – Valeria Piazza
16. GREAT BRITAIN – Jaime lee Faulkner
17. RUSSIA – Yuliana Korolkova
18. BRAZIL – Raissa Santana
19. BELGIUM – Stephanie Geldhoff
20. HAITI – Raquel Pelissier


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