Mister Supranational 2016: The Top 20 Favorites

From the producers of Miss Supranational, its counterpart is the Mister Supranational 2016 which is currently happening in Krynica-Zdrój, Poland, the finals is set on December 3rd! There are 37 contestants in its inaugural edition! It’s hard to resist not sharing my Top picks but for the love of Male pageantry I finally succumbed so here it is, Presenting my Top 20 Favorites, here they are:


  1. BELARUS (Sergey Bindalov)
  2. POLAND (Rafal Jonkisz)
  3. ARGENTINA (Matt Ferrario)
  4. MALTA (Neil Scerri)
  5. PHILIPPINES (Ar Dela Serna)
  6. FRANCE (Bryan Weber)
  7. INDIA (Jitesh Thakur)
  8. CANADA (Matthew Materiale)
  9. MEXICO (Diego Garcy)
  10. THAILAND (Panupong Wantam)
  1. DENMARK (Marcus Rosenberg)
  2. VENEZUELA (Gustavo Acevedo)
  3. BELGIUM (Johnny Gaspart)
  4. BRAZIL (Bruno Vanin)
  5. ETHIOPIA (Yohannes Asfaw)
  6. ROMANIA (Catalin Brinza)
  7. PUERTO RICO (Christian Trenche)
  8. CZECH REPUBLIC (Jan Pultar)
  9. USA (Walker Barnes)
  10. SWEDEN (Ali Ghafori)

Isn’t this exciting?



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