MR. WORLD 2016: Pre-Arrival Favorites

The Biennial and the premiere male pageant has just commenced with the arrivals in Southport, UK. There are 50 Men competing for the title, and what better way to celebrate the union of these handsome fellas than with a little competition before the “real one” begins.

So here’s this page’s Top 15 Favorites in reverse order;

15.EL SALVADOR (David Arias)


  • David is an English teacher living in the northern city of Llobasco. His passion is teaching, and he hopes to initiate his own English language school in El Salvador in the future. Aside from teaching, David is a dancer, skilled in Merenque and Cumbia. He likes to hit the gym, play basketball and listen to music with electronic dance and romantic music his favorites.

El Salvador - David Arias


14. IRELAND (Darren King)


  • Darren knows nature. A Forestry Management & Environmental Studies graduate, he is the ‘King’ of the woodlands, but has ambitions of moving into the gym arena, working with people and their fitness as a personal trainer, working on fitness and nutrition. Rock music, football and fashion are all important to Darren, who also has represented his country playing basketball at a younger age.



13. COSTA RICA (Daniel Alfaro Barrantes)


  • Daniel hails from Grecia, a small city in the Alajuela province of Costa Rica. An Industrial Engineering student, his ambitions are to graduate and work in the industry, but is looking for work in fashion industry. Aside from his career, Daniel enjoys all kinds of sports, from football to volleyball, and likes to relax with friends watching movies. Musically, he is a big Bon Jovi fan!



12.KOREA (Young Suk Seo)


  • Young Suk Seo is a stock trader by day, but outside the office fitness takes over. Living in the capital Seoul, Seo has sculpted his body to perfection, regularly taking part in fitness competitions internationally. One day he hopes to merge the two, and become a businessman in the world of health and fitness. In his spare time, he likes to play football, watch baseball and keep tabs on the economy.



11. ARGENTINA (Robertino Dalla Benetta)


 – Robertino is a Business student from the city of Rosario, central Argentina. Describing himself as a ‘man of the great outdoors’, he loves trekking in the wilderness as much as shooting hoops on the court. He can dance salsa, loves to listen to jazz and blues and is an adept chef, specialising in grilled meats. Family and friends mean everything to Robertino and chilling with them is a favourite pastime.



10. FRANCE (Kevin Martin-Gadrat)


  • Kevin is a TV presenter from Lyon, currently working as sports columnist for Star 24 channel. A huge fan of sports, he loves his job, but his dream is to break out as a professional singer. Kevin loves to sing, and cites his own cultures as his inspiration, enjoying French music and literature. In his sparetime he likes to play football and watch movies, and his favourite dish is spaghetti and meatballs.
What a cutie!


9. POLAND (Rafal Jonkisz)


  • Rafał is probably our most flexible contestant this year. A professional acrobat, competitive athlete and skilled dancer, his passion is all about moving, which has so far taken him to the quarter finals of Poland’s Got Talent, 4th place on Dancing with the Stars, and various medals on the athletics field. His future plans include building a presence in the world of modelling and continuing his charity work, which currently sees him performing at children’s hospitals and schools.
Rafal is one of the Mister International candidates in 2015!


8. GREECE (Iraklis Kozas)


  • Iraklis works in fashion, appearing at shows and magazines across the world. Born in Alexandroupoli, he studied Economics at the University of Macedonia before moving to Serres. CrossFit, football, swimming and track & field keep Iraklis in peak physical condition, who also hopes to break out into the world of acting; Hollywood is his dream. His favourite artist is Michael Jackson, and his favourite book is the Da Vinci Code.
What a Grecian God!!


7.SRI LANKA (Jake Senaratne)


  • ‘Determined’ & ‘driven’, model and fitness trainer Jake was born in Colombo, splitting time between Colombo and Kandy growing up. A fitness fanatic, Jake aspires to start his own international gym chain, as well as branching into menswear in the future. Aside from this Jake likes to travel, to play guitar and to work on his photography. He also enjoys cooking.
One of Jake’s pageant experiences was competing at Mister International 2015


6. SOUTH AFRICA (Armand Du Plessis)


  • Armand hails from Johannesburg, where he is a Candidate Attorney. With two Law degrees, his ambition is to become an advocate, potentially for disenfranchised children. When relaxing, Armand loves to travel, revelling in new lands and new words, whilst giving him a chance to work on his photography. His favourite artist is Josh Groban, and he particularly enjoys Italian and South African cuisine.
South Africa - Arman Du Plessis3.jpg
Armand also previously competed at Manhunt International 2012!



5. AUSTRIA (Fabian Kitzweger)


  • Fabian describes himself as an ambitious, goal orientated and friendly person. A Chemical Engineering student, Fabian also works part time as a personal trainer and enjoys high energy sports like ice hockey, mountain biking and skiing. His hobbies include cooking and playing the saxophone and his favourite music is hip hop and dance. In the future he would love to work abroad.
Austria - Fabian Kitzweger
Gorgeous! This man will make heads turn!


4. KENYA (Kevin Owiti)


  • Kevin is a Business Management student from Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. With an athletic build, he loves to play all kinds of sports, from football to kickboxing, and he is a keen musician, particularly the drums. Aside from business, he is keen on modelling, and hopes to make a name for himself internationally in the future. His favourite music is gospel, and his favourite book is Ben Carson’s Think Big.

    Isn’t he so cute?


3. INDIA (Rohit Khandelwal)


  • Rohit is an actor and TV personality from the Southern Indian city of Hyderabad. Describing himself as a dreamer and believer, he is intent on forging a successful career in front of the camera, but also plans on studying to move behind the camera and make his own films. Aside from his acting, Rohit loves to keep fit, play sports and travel. His favourite cuisine includes indian sweet dish Gulab Jamuns, and Dosa, a south Indian pancake.
India - Rohit Khandelwal3
I can smell India winning the title if he plays his cards right? don’t you agree?


2. PUERTO RICO (Fernando Alvarez)


  • Fernando is an Accounting student from Coamo, central Puerto Rico. Accounting is his plan, but acting is his dream and he is chasing both options, with acting lessons complimenting his studies. Staying fit is important to Fernando, who enjoys basketball, volleyball and spending the day at the beach. A skilled dancer, his styles include Salsa and Merengue and his musical tastes range from latino to hip hop.
Puerto Rico - Fernando ALvarez.jpg
Fernando also competed at Mister International 2015, a major favorite who ended one of the Top 10, can he win it for Puerto Rico this time?


and finally….

  1. PHILIPPINES (Sam Ajdani)


  • Sam is a fitness coach and model living in Makati City, Manila. Born in Iran, he moved to the Philippines aged 14 and has remained since. Family, fitness and friends are important to Sam, and his aspirations are to start his own business, potentially in the fitness industry. His proudest moment was getting a feature in Men’s Health USA & Philippines. His favourite music genres are Hip Hop and pop.

Philippines - Sam Ajdani2

Philippines - Sam Ajdani3
Last Placement of the Philippines was in 2012 with a First Runner-up Finish, can Sam Finally win it for the country?

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