This is one of the hardest Final list I have ever come up with! After several self-deliberations, I have finally decided and I’d like to share you this page’s TOP 15 Final Picks for Miss Universe 2015, happening on Dec. 20th.

Let’s count it down:

15. BELGIUM (Annelies Toros)

BELGIUM– She is one of the strongest from the European continent, the moment she was crowned up until her arrival in Las Vegas, this girl kept impressing. Her Prelim performance was commendable. I just hope she wont experience the same fate of Andjelka Tomasevic (last year’s Miss Serbia, who was soo pretty but failed to advance).

14. PERU (Laura Spoya)


– Laura has enjoyed favoritism since her crowning in her country. Since arrival in Vegas, her toughest challenge so far is that she tends to look maturely beautiful say in her 30’s. Her swan neck is one of her strong points, she was able to deliver in the prelims so expect her to be called come finals night.

13. ANGOLA (Whitney Houston Shikongo)


  • It’s hard not to notice her, first she has this uncanny resemblance to Miss Universe 1999 Mpule Kwelagobe from Botswana, and second she has a superstar name. And she gave solid prelim performance, in fact her red gown is one of my Favorites. All these aspects should merit her a Top 15 spot at the very least. She’s Africa’s torch bearer!


12.VENEZUELA (Mariana Jimenez)


  • Venezuela is Venezuela, the undisputed powerhouse country of Beauty queens. Mariana might have been eclipsed by other Latinas but to her credit she gave a good prelim performance. Her hair in the evening gown round was bashed by many (and so was Stefania’s in ’09 but you know what happened with her right?). A Top 15 spot is within reach, if she has a totally different look come finals then it’ll be a different ball game.


11. THAILAND (Aniporn Chalermburanawong)


  • She’s in my pre-arrival Top spot, upon her arrival in Las Vegas, this statuesque Thai charmer continues to win admiration from many fans, overall she just has this likable personality!  Then came the preliminary night and boom! Aniporn was a showstopper! Her gown performance was very memorable, I would have just played with her cape more (ala Laury Thilleman in 2011).

now the TOP 10:

10. PARAGUAY (Myriam Arevalos)


  • This stunner was originally the Miss Earth Paraguay for this year but she had the surprise of her life as she was relegated to the Miss Universe pageant instead (since Laura Garcete was dethroned). This woman made heads turn and impressed majority of pageant fans in the preliminaries with her impeccable styling and amazing stage presence. Her face might not be her strongest asset but her performance was undeniably Top notch. She gave me the pageant goosies that I rarely feel.


9. COLOMBIA (Ariadna Guttierez)


  • This Sofia Vergara dead-ringer is one of the contenders in this year’s batch! Her major assignment is to win back to back which was only achieved once by Venezuela. She has a big personality which will definitely pay off, her evening gown left me breathless.


8. AUSTRALIA (Monika Radulovic)


  • Monika will definitely continue the successful semi-final placements of this country. She has this fun demeanor that’s so magnetic. And she is really pretty. Her sparkling evening gown was also one of the most talked about in the prelims. I wouldn’t be shocked if she sails through to the top 5.

7. FRANCE (Flora Coquerel)


  • I’m quite baffled to place her in this spot, but seriously I had Flora in my Top 5 since the beginning! Especially after the Paris Terrorist attack which definitely gives her an added advantage (It’s not sympathy but just think of how extensive media mileage she and MUO can get if she wins). at the preliminary night she looked very sophisticated and was just radiant overall.

6. VIETNAM (Huong Pham)


  • Where has she been hiding all these years, Vietnam has finally discovered a National treasure. An Asian Gem. This woman has maintained her favoritism since the beginning. She screams Hollywood to me. She can definitely advance into the top 5!


5. USA (Olivia Jordan)


  • She’s a stunning blonde! Her beauty is beyond words can say. Expect this host candidate to do well, especially since another Olivia (Miss Universe 2012) is sitting as a judge on Sunday.

4. GEORGIA (Janet Kerdikoshvili)



  • Now this may not be a popular choice, but I’m willing to place my bets on Miss Georgia. I mean have you seen her amazing preliminary performance? she looked like a Victoria’s Secret Angel and the way she projected in that royal blue evening gown that she designed herself was jaw dropping! She gave me that Diana Harkusha chills (Miss Ukraine last year). She may very well be her country’s first semi-final placement in this pageant. I’d say it’s about time, after 11 years of competing.


3. DOMINICAN REPUBLIC (Clarissa Molina)

  • This one is a popular choice, in a year of weak latinas, trust Dominican Republic to send a strong and stunning delegate. I remember the moment she was crowned in her National pageant, I already reserved this spot for her! She is fresh and spunky, a true Miss Universe prototype!

2. PHILIPPINES (Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach)

  • Miss Philippines is gorgeous! This country draws lots of buzz for this pageant thanks to the loyal Filipino fans. And with a strong preliminary performance? I guess the long wait is over, she may very well be the Philippines’ 3rd Miss Universe.


  1. BRAZIL (Marthina Brandt)
  • Just like the Philippines, Brazil has also been long overdue of a Miss Universe winner, would you believe they’re last winner was back in 1968?  And the most recent who came close to winning was in 2007 as a runner-up to an Asian beauty. now the time is ripe, Marthina gave solid performances and had the right energy during the preliminaries and when she came out wearing ilustrious Gown? boy I’m telling you, she can win this easily. Hopefully!


Here’s the complete list:

Miss Universe 2015 Final picks

These beauties are the Possible Shakers and can pull a major upset for the above ladies. I should point out that these ladies also gave memorable performances during the Preliminary night.

16. FINLAND (Rosa Maria Ryyti)

17. JAPAN (Ariana Miyamoto)

18. CHILE (Maria Belen Jerez)

19. ITALY (Giada Pezzaioli)

20. INDIA (Urvashi Rautela)

21. TANZANIA (Lorraine Marriot)

22. DENMARK (Cecilie Feline Wellemberg)

23. GREAT BRITAIN (Nena France)

24. POLAND (Weronika Szmajdzińska)

So hope you enjoy this list, what can you say? don’t forget to type in your comments below, let me know what you think!


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