MISTER INTERNATIONAL 2015: The Pre-Arrival Favorites <<

On its 10th year, the Singapore based pageant has already cemented its status as the Ultimate Male Pageant as it continues to attract gorgeous men annually. Though the organization had a tumultuous share of controversies (especially in 2014 due to sponsors and hosting problems leading to several delays and eventually causing a number of national directors dropping out). But hey there’s always sunshine after the rain. and this pageant will continue to thrive no matter what hurls its way.

This year the pageant crazed nation of the Philippines will play host and it already stands poise to be one memorable and grand event. The Finals will be held at the beautiful Newport Performing Arts Theater (a vast improvement from the 2014 venue). So Let’s make some noise and get ready to cheer as I present to you this year’s Pre-Arrival Favorites for Mister International 2015!!

Puerto Rico's Fernando Alvarez leads the race, will he continue this lead til Nov. 30th? no one knows...
Puerto Rico’s Fernando Alvarez leads the race, will he continue this lead til Nov. 30th? no one knows…


  1. PUERTO RICO (Fernando Alvarez)
  2. SWITZERLAND (Pedro Mendes)
  3. SPAIN (Daniel Barreres)
  4. ITALY (Andrea Luceri)
  5. PHILIPPINES (Reniel Villareal)
  6. COLOMBIA (Christian Hernandez)
  7. LEBANON (Farid Matar)
  8. CZECH REPUBLIC (Jakub Krauss)
  9. BRAZIL (Anderson Tomazini)
  10. VENEZUELA (Rafael Angelucci)
  11. AUSTRALIA (Chris Nayna)
  12. SINGAPORE (Edwin Aw)
  13. NETHERLANDS (Cas Winters)
  14. GUAM (Luke Sos)
  15. SRI LANKA (Jake Senaratne)
  16. PANAMA (Julian Torres)
  17. SWEDEN (Ivan Djelevic)
  18. INDONESIA (Kenny Austin)

Please come back in the next coming days as I bring you a blow by blow coverage of Mister International 2015!


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