>> Mister United Continents Philippines 2015: “THE FAVORITES”

I’m back and I have finally come up with my Top 20 Favorites for the inaugural Mister United Continents Philippines 2015! As opposed to my previous presentations, this time I will break down the candidates in 5 groups showcasing their strengths! Are you ready? Here we go…
The Modelesque


 Boasting that chiseled cheekbones and killer jawlines, it’s undeniable that these four guys are a force to reckon with! In terms of modelling, they have the highest chances to get booked for fashion shows, as a matter of fact these guys have already been walking the runways so this doesn’t come as a surprise at all.


The Sexy Hunks


These four guys have the best physique in my opinion! They are the embodiment of Motivation and Hard Work! Of course, it’s not easy to achieve a perfect body and looking at them just make me want to hit the gym asap! They’re sexy without even trying “too hard” and still manage to look respectable. Way to go guys!


The Boy Next Door Cuties


 Pretty boys and lots of Charisma, these four just have those qualities! their likeability factor is mounting and can definitely enter the cutthroat world of Showbizness. Don’t you just want to be their best friends? I do.


The Gorgeous Gents

 These guys are as equally gorgeous and sexy as the others in the above lists but what struck me the most is that they have that quality of a “Perfect Gentleman”. Women in general just dream for their prince charming and these four just have that innate quality in them. And here’s a trivia, the first 3 guys are very expressive of their love to their respective girlfriends,  you could tell how loving boyfriends they are judging from their FB posts. Awww How sweet!!


The Promising Darkhorses


It’s amazing how a dark horse candidate springs a positive surprise in a pageant night! These guys have the potential to go far in the competition.They’ve got the looks however they somehow appear timid, shy or perhaps “cold” (I may be wrong but it’s just an impression). So what I would work on is to improve that personality! Having a great personality is everything in beauty pageants, it transcends boundaries, it makes you standout and for the most part win it all.


Stay tuned for my “SPOTLIGHT ON” Posts.


3 thoughts on “>> Mister United Continents Philippines 2015: “THE FAVORITES”

  1. I am advocating that ALL national male pageants (those that send reps to international competitions) INCREASE THEIR MINIMUM HEIGHT REQUIREMENT TO 5’11”.


    1. Candidates below 5’11” are at least 3 inches blow the norm of the height of candidates from other countries. If our rep is “short”, he would not stand out and will be drowned-out when standing side by side with his counterparts from Europe, the Americas and even from Korea, Vietnam and China. Case in point is Joseph Doruelo (5’10”), who stood out “facially” but did not stand out during the MG finals despite his good performance throughout the duration of the competition;

    2. It is easy to enhance looks, physique, sense of style, comm skills and composure and confidence, but you can NEVER ENHANCE HEIGHT unless you make our male rep wear 5″ heels. Our candidate MUST ALREADY BE TALL ENOUGH and one whose height is not that far off from his fellow candidates (Neil Perez is 5’11” and is the shortest amongst the top 5 in Mister International); and

    3. There has been no winner on record who stood below 5’11” for Mr. World, Mr International, and Manhunt over the years. Thus, it stands to reason that ONLY “tall” candidates will have a higher possibility of winning the top prize. If we want to just be able to participate in these pageants, without the objective of winning, then it is fine to send “short” candidates. But if we want to win in the international arena, then it stands to reason that our national competitions should not be made as exercises in futility.

    So please join me in spreading this advocacy. As we start to think BIG, it follows later that we will WIN BIG.



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