In just a few hours, we will get to witness the culmination of the most anticipated Beauty Pageant of the year. After a very long wait finally we get to see a new lady to be crowned by the longest reigning Miss Universe Gabriela Isler.

Now I try to balance everything, this list is a combination of My Personal Favorites, Politics and I’m gonna try to be Nostradamus myself to include my predictions on what I think will be the final outcome (darkhorses and the like), mind you it ain’t easy because I left so many favorites out just to squeeze in some notable delegates. Anyway let’s start shall we?

19th. LITHUANIA (Patricija Belousova)

– She is very graceful, it’s not strange since she’s a world champion ballroom dancer. And how can you miss that beautiful face? I’m really hoping for a breakthrough for this country.

LITHUANIA - Patricija Belousova


18th. COSTA RICA (Karina Ramos)

– Her atrocious gown cost her a Top 10 placement in this list, I still think Karina is a very gorgeous delegate. She’s one of those beauties whose reign I followed from the moment she was crowned as Miss Costa Rica. If She makes past the swimsuit round come finals, please change your gown and that elusive Top 5 placement is within reach. Good luck!
COSTA RICA - Karina Ramos


17th. DOMINICAN REPUBLIC (Kimberly Castillo)

– She’s in this list because of a superb preliminary performance, she really held her own that night! And there’s an incredible hype going on for her but I think the highest that she could get is Top 15.
DOMINICAN REP - Kimberly Castillo


16th. INDONESIA (Elvira Devinamira)

– She’s a well educated, statuesque and a gorgeous delegate. I’m very impressed with her Prelim evening gown performance, she was a star.
INDONESIA - Elvira Devinamira


15th. ITALY (Valentina Bonariva)

– She’s in this list not just because of her uncanny resemblance to supermodel Giselle Bundchen but this girl brought her A-game in the prelims! She had a great energy and ohhh don’t forget Yamamay is an italian swimwear line which started sponsoring in 2013, go Figure!
ITALY - Valentina Bonariva


14th. SERBIA (Andjelka Tomasevic)

– The Face of the pageant. She dwindled down in this spot due to a weak prelim performance but that face alone will propel her into the Top 15!!
SERBIA - Andjelka Tomasevic


13th. MEXICO (Josselyn Garciglia)

– She is just hauntingly beautiful! Her soft features are so endearing, can’t stop looking at her photos! I wonder why she’s ranked this low.
MEXICO - Josselyn Garciglia


12th. FRANCE (Camille Cerf)

– She was impressive in the prelims as opposed to most fans dissing her performance. I thought she has that royal vibe in her, so elegant and sophisticated. Just like Mexico I cant seem to fathom why she ended up this low, ironic isn’t it?
FRANCE - Camille Cerf


11th. GUYANA (Niketa Barker)

– First off, I’m not really completely sold by her, well at least not just yet. But majority of Pageant critics adore her and praised her preliminary showing. I can see she’s a rare gem from her country and I would be stupid not to admit that she’s very beautiful! Go Guyana!
GUYANA - Niketa Barker



10th. JAMAICA – Kaci Fennell

– She is a major standout with that hair! She is a really gorgeous candidate since Yendi Phillips and her astounding prelim performance should merit her a top 10 placement.



9th. INDIA (Noyonita Lodh)

– Ohhh Noyonita, I’m still bedazzled by your beauty! nuff said…



8th. VENEZUELA (Migbelis Castellanos)

– She’s very charismatic and such a people’s person. Very outgoing and bubbly! I love her to pieces!



7th. CZECH REPUBLIC (Gabriela Frankova)

– Now this woman is a game changer! I never really noticed her since the pageant commenced but as days go by she was making heads turn and voila she did amazing during the prelims! And I just realized she is the most beautiful blondie in the competition! I think she can place on her own even though DIC  (A Czech Jeweler) is the new crown sponsor. I’d be in high heavens if she makes it all the way in to the Top 5!

Czech Republic3


6th. SPAIN (Desire Cordero)

– She is smoking hot! She does look like former Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza (Which is not a good thing) but she can definitely pull a stunning upset come finals night!




5th. UKRAINE (Diana Harkusha)

– Diana is very poise and refined lady and it showed in the prelims! It was hard to ignore her. Who knows? her being a last minute replacement will be Ukraine’s lucky charm!



4th. USA (Nia Sanchez)

– She was mesmerizing during the prelims in that red Michael Costello gown! If she shows up in the finals looking exactly like how she looked in the prelims, she’s guaranteed of a top 5 placement!



3rd. COLOMBIA (Paulina Vega)

– Oh Paulina… she did extremely well during the prelims and her evening gown performance is going to be legendary and will be talked about for years to come, think of her compatriot Carolina Gomez in 1994? She is truly stunning but I would have to award her 3rd place since her successor is super gorgeous who I think will be a great Miss Universe next year!



2nd. ARGENTINA (Valentina Ferrer)

– Impressive frame and massive sex appeal. She clearly dominated the stage and she looks much more attractive in motion. The first time she was noticed was when she was seen being interviewed on tv together with Miss USA, and from then on Valentina rose from being unknown to being well-known! I personally love her and I can see she has that marketability factor like former Miss Universe from Venezuela! Well done for this country that rarely gets noticed in Beauty Pageants!



and this blog’s pick for Miss Universe is…

Winner: PHILIPPINES (Mary Jean Lastimosa)

– Her Miss Universe journey is 3 years in the making, wow that was a long one but Mary Jean persevered and never gave up! She has become a role model for beauty queens in her country! She is literally the embodiment of the saying “third time’s a charm”


She got a great swimsuit presentation during the prelims and oozes with star quality and boasts a magnetic personality, I should point out that sponsors love her! A clear indication that she is the one to beat!!

Mary Jean during the Preliminary Competition and National Costume Competition (right)
Mary Jean during the Preliminary Competition and National Costume Competition (right)

Whatever happens in the finals night I’ll take it, after all I adore these beauties and any of them can be a great Miss Universe! So Let’s enjoy the pageant and stop the Hate!

The FINAL TOP picks like no other...
The FINAL TOP picks like no other…

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