>> The TOP 15 BEST IN Preliminary EVENING GOWNS!!

The all important Preliminary Competition has already taken place yesterday at the FIU convention center and I can say majority of the girls did their homework! As you may already know, this is 1 of the 2 crucial judging moments to determine who will make the Semi-finals come the 26th! The Best 9 performers will advance to be joined by the 6 MUO picks, and if the rumors are correct the winner of the Best National Costume will join the Top 15!

Anyway among 88 delegates, these are the 15 ladies who left a mark in the evening gown competition…

Let’s begin with…

15. ITALY – Forgettable gown but you can’t deny her stage presence! She had a great deal of energy in her! I’m not on the fence with her beauty though but it’s hard to ignore her commanding aura! Good job Italy!


14. UKRAINE – When I think of her, I think about her perfect legs, and she worked it to her advantage, honestly her gown was boring but her confidence and superb stage chops sold me in!

Turks and Caicos

13. TURKS and CAICOS – You know she really blew me away, her gown wasn’t the best but her stage presence and that high level confidence really impressed me. She’s the best from her country since 1987!


12. PHILIPPINES – She really stood out with that pose in the beginning! Her entrance was Amazing!, My only issue is her overdone walk in the hopes of working her white serpentina dress! I’ve been praying for months to see MJ wear a red body hugging gown with long trail to showcase her killer curves (see USA’s dress) and WHEN she competes in the evening gown finals, I hope she goes easy with the curls, I want her to sport a hairstyle that will make her more youthful! But other than that she’s a crown contender!


11. INDIA – I love her overall look. My only qualm though, is the gown’s design was kinda distracting for my taste because there’s just too much going on but since I’m a sucker for gold gowns, I liked it!


10. JAMAICA – One of those red dresses and she wore the type of dress that is not easy to work but with her high fashion look? She slayed it!

Dom Rep

9. DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – Facially one of the weakest but it’s hard to ignore her performance! At first I disliked those fringes on her shoulder but as she sashayed on staged and looking at the totality of the dress, you know who came to mind? Zuleyka Rivera’s legendary chains.


8. INDONESIA – Her gown was like no other. That metallic halter gown was a killer and Elvira gave a very solid performance, and her hair slick back made it more than perfect!


7. POLAND – She was a great surprise in my opinion! She was one of the major stand-outs in that white gown, the way she played with it made me want to try to put it on and do my thing! Her gown reminded me of France 2011 evening gown performance!


6. SPAIN – Her evening gown performance was one of the most memorable to me, although her melons are just an inch a way from popping out!


5. MEXICO – Another gold ensemble and just like Czech Republic, when Josselyn came out I was in cloud nine! She was sexy yet very sophisticated at the same time.


4. ARGENTINA – oh boy, she appeared in the first group and she was just mesmerizing in that pink number. She was the one who set the bar at a high level, and it felt as if the next ones that came after her had a hard time catching up. She had the best hair and that hair flipping gained her major points!! Amazing woman!

Czech Republic

3. CZECH REPUBLIC – Here she is, the girl who keeps impressing me. When she appeared my jaws dropped. She looked magnificent in that golden long-sleeved and I can truly say she is the most beautiful blonde in the competition, kicking Australia out of contention!


2. USA – This is the kind of gown that will never go wrong. Seriously I’ve been dying to see this gown be worn on stage and Nia Sanchez did, and she worked it with aplomb! And the make-up was just perfect on her, love the Smokey eyes!

And the best in Evening gown goes to…..


1. COLOMBIA – Simplicity at its finest, the vertical lines made her even more statuesque! She really gave an astounding performance. And the walk was as if she was making her final walk as the reigning queen!


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