MISS EARTH 2014: Pre-Arrival Favorites!

This is it guys! Pageant season is on, it’s going to be an exciting month for all Miss Earth fanatics. In the next few days the official delegates will converge in the host country the Philippines!

So to celebrate this month long pageant extravaganza, I now present you this page’s Pre-arrival favorites, again this isn’t final yet, but let me tell you, in most instances my pre-arrival lists spell the most success and the accuracy in terms of the actual semi-finalists is almost there, so let’s see!

Who will be this year's Miss Earth winner?
Who will be this year’s Miss Earth winner?


DOMINICAN REPUBLIC’S Mayte Brito is in the lead, I think it’s high time for a woman of color to win the pageant (again!) I had this undying admiration for this lady, last time this county came close to winning was 2nd place (Miss AIR) courtesy of the unforgettable Amell Santana! Will it be this year Finally?

FRANCE (Laetizia Penmellen) – I can understand why the pageant world is crazy over her, she’s a goddess!! Last time a super beauty competed in Miss Earth was in 2012 (Tereza Fajksova). Now her lowest placement can be a Miss AIR. She’s just so stunning!!

VENEZUELA (Stefani De Zorzi) – The ultimate favorite since day 1. A super beauty herself, she now stands poise to conquer that back-to-back for her country! Can it happen? it may be a long shot at this time but hey nothing is set in stone so yeah. it can happen!

SPAIN (Zaira Bas) – This girl is so HOT HOT HOT! I can imagine she will make heads turn when she arrive!! woah!


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