MISTERS OF THE PHILIPPINES 2014: The Pre-Arrival Favorites :::::::::::

This is it my dear pageant fans, the competition heats up as the arrival date (Aug.27) approaches! And with that it’s high time to unveil this page’s Top 15 pre-arrival favorites for Misters of the Philippines 2014. This is purely based on first impressions and photos available online, thanks to the candidates’ facebook pages, these give us a bird’s eye view as who might do well come finals night!

As an armchair critic, judging is based on brawn, Height, face and not to forget smile (I’m gonna put emphasis on that)! Trust me it took me weeks to trim down the list from 27 to a top 15.

Let the competition begin….

Pre-Arrival Favorites


Alvin Arranguez

1. CEBU CITY (Alvin Arranguez)

– towering at 6’1”, Alvin is a 2nd year BSHRM student at the University of the Visayas. He loves playing basketball, strums the guitar, and sings too. Cebu is fielding strong contenders again (the reigning Mister International Phils, Gil Wagas is from Cebu). With a gorgeous face, capped with a great smile, a back to back is highly possible.



2. BOCAUE, BULACAN – Niño Allain De Ocampo

– This guy is both telegenic and photogenic, it’s hard not to notice him in group photos! His matinee idol looks are his biggest advantage!


Akexis Martinez2

3. MABALACAT, PAMPANGA (Alexis Francis Martinez)

– I really like this guy’s smile, he just lights up the room! His pure pinoy charm makes him one of the stand outs! He emanates that cool and quiet confidence which is very important, no wonder he clinched the Mister Pampanga title a year ago!  I’d go for overall personality any day!



4.TONDO, MANILA (Neil Perez)

– Undeniably the most popular and hyped candidate! Certainly he got the looks and a good body to back it up. Early on he made media rounds, appearing on tv guestings brought about by his profession as a cop! My only concern is his styling, i’m sure there’s a much better hairstyle for him, and he tends to fade in group shots! He needs to improve on his confidence, but other than that he’s assured of a title!




– I have my eyes on this guy. He seems bubbly and cheerful! He’s got a great body to boot. What I particularly like about him is his confidence. During a recent outing along with Mister Davao City and Davao Del Sur, He really made a positive impression and appeared pageant ready!



6. GREAT BRITAIN (Adam Davies)

– Clearly this guy has one if not the best bodies in the competition! He’s ready for an international assignment, although not much is heard from him, but i’d definitely keep an eye on this hottie.

COMPLETING THE TOP 15: watch out for these guys, they might just take over the Top 6 in the next few days!

7. STA. CRUZ, MANILA – Nicko Cruz

8. USA – Judah Cohen

9. CALOOCAN CITY – Joseph Doruelo

10. QUEZON CITY – Timothy Justin Ancheta

11. SARANGGANI – Ichin Daclan

12. BUKIDNON – Virgilio Llego

13. NAVOTAS CITY – Mark Andrew Baron

14. AKLAN – Elvin Tiel

15. DAVAO CITY – Jett Matela


NEXT UPDATE: The Best Bodies…


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