Moreno hottie Ricardo De Jesus, 25 from Candaba, Pampanga, is proud of his humble beginnings. From working as a construction worker to being a delivery man, he had to sacrifice just to make ends meet, this led him to dream big as he grew older.

With the support of his family, and through a scholarship program, he was able to earn a Bachelor degree in Business administration major in Marketing and is currently the Senior Marketing Officer in the country’s leading Job portal. He enjoys his work so much because he gets to travel a lot by spearheading job fairs across the country.

Ricardo de Jesus (FB)

Asked as to why he’s in the modelling world, Ricardo adds; “I still want to pursue my modeling career since its my dream and joining Bodyshots 2014 is an avenue to achieve that dream as a professional model.”

He also debuted on the runway in the recent Philippine Fashion Week by wearing the designs of Ulysses King and was also booked to do the Tresemme 2014 fashion show!


Credits to the owner of this photo
Credits to the owner of this photo

 Ricardo stays fit by regularly working out in the gym with a strict diet and manages to stay away from vices, which most of the guys his age enjoy doing like smoking and drinking.

Gorgeous Ric!! -- credits to the photographer
Oh Gorgeous cheekbone and that Scorching Gaze!! ——— credits to the photographer


Is RICARDO the next BODYSHOTS Male Grandwinner?

Cast your vote here:

Ricardo de Jesus2


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