Who will be the next Miss International 2013? Here’s the FINAL TOP 15 Favorites!

The last of the BIG 4 Major Beauty Pageants will come to a conclusion with a new winner tomorrow (December 17) in Tokyo, Japan! Let’s take a look at the possible crown contenders..

Here’s my TOP 15 Favorites:

PHILIPPINES – Can she win her country’s 5th crown? All odds are in her favor now but she needs to watch out for her competitors closely!

PHILIPPINES - Bea Rose Santiago
PHILIPPINES – Bea Rose Santiago

VENEZUELA – She was my pick to win Miss Venezuela 2012, she was smashing in that red gown. She is tall and fierce! With the recent wins from this country, Elian stands poise to snatch that crown!

VENEZUELA - Elian Herrera
VENEZUELA – Elian Herrera

ICELAND – The Barbie doll of the pageant! She reminds me of Rosanna Davison (Former Miss World 2003)

ICELAND - Sigrun Eva Armannsdottir
ICELAND – Sigrun Eva

SPAIN – This country had placed in MW, MU and ME. I don’t see anything wrong why this girl couldn’t place in this pageant, she has a gorgeous face!

SPAIN - Araceli Carrilero Martinez
SPAIN – Araceli Carrilero

USA – She’s very likable and is captivating in all of her photos! Watch out for her!

USA - Andrea Neu
USA – Andrea Neu

NETHERLANDS – Her pageant experience will definitely help her! Right now I can feel the crown is hers!!

NETHERLANDS - Natalie Den Dekker
NETHERLANDS – Natalie Den Dekker

FINLAND – Finland is a powerhouse in this pageant! And looking how gorgeous this girl is, a runner-up placement is within reach!

FINLAND - Helianna Ylimaula
FINLAND – Helianna Ylimaula

MYANMAR – The rising Asian country in Beauty pageants! This girl is the hottest i’ve seen from this side of the planet! I can smell a Top 5 placement for her! Let’s see!

MYANMAR - Gonyi Aye Kyaw Aye Kyaw
MYANMAR – Gonyi Aye Kyaw Aye Kyaw

NICARAGUA – She’s one hot momma! Many say she should have gone to Miss Universe instead of Nastassja Bolivar, so if the latter placed in MU? then I can see Celeste doing the same in MI. Buenas suerte mi senorita!

NICARAGUA - Celeste Castillo
NICARAGUA – Celeste Castillo

MEXICO – Same with Nicaragua, this girl could have been a force to reckon with if was sent to Miss Universe! absolutely Gorgeous!

MEXICO - Lucero Miroslava Montemayor Gracia
MEXICO – Lucero Miroslava Montemayor Gracia

PARAGUAY – She’s giving me that mature look but hey you can’t help but notice how hot she is!

PARAGUAY - Cindy Rachel Rosslind
PARAGUAY – Maria Marta Raviola Vera

UKRAINE – Ohhh lala sex appeal what is this? She’s sexy personified!

UKRAINE - Margaryta Gorbyk
UKRAINE – Margaryta Gorbyk

SOUTH AFRICA – Vavavoom, what a great body!

SOUTH AFRICA - Cindy Rachel Rosslind
SOUTH AFRICA – Cindy Rachel Rosslind

THAILAND – The most beautiful of all the Asian candidates in my opinion! She’s lovely!

THAILAND - Chonthicha Tiengtham
THAILAND – Chonthicha

ITALY – She has this smoldering presence that’s very eye catching!

ITALY - Sara Cavagnari
ITALY – Sara Cavagnari

1 day to go and we will witness the crowning of the new Miss International 2013!! Goodluck to all the girls!


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