>> Alyz Henrich wins 2nd Miss Earth crown for Venezuela!

The new Miss Earth Alyz Henrich is crowned by outgoing queen Tereza Fajksova!
The new Miss Earth Alyz Henrich is crowned by outgoing queen Tereza Fajksova!

Alyz Heinrich of Venezuela was crowned Miss Earth 2013 by outgoing titleholder Tereza Fajksova. She will now become the environment’s representative for the entire year. Making up her elemental court are: Air – Katia Wagner of Austria , Water – Punika Kunsuntornrat of Thailand, and Fire – Catharina Choi of Korea.

Here is the Official Honor Roll:

From L-R: Miss FIRE (Korea), Miss AIR (Austria), Miss EARTH (Venezuela) and Miss WATER (Thailand)
From L-R: Miss FIRE (Korea), Miss AIR (Austria), Miss EARTH (Venezuela) and Miss WATER (Thailand)

Miss Earth 2013: ALYZ HEINRICH (Venezuela)
Miss Air: Katia Wagner (Austria)
Miss Water: Punika Kunsuntornrat (Thailand)
Miss Fire: Catharina Choi (Korea)

Top 8 Finalists:
Angelee delos Reyes (Philippines)
Aleksandra Szczesna (Poland)
Cristal Silva (Mexico)
Andjelka Tomasevic (Serbia)

Remaining Top 16 qualifiers:
Nicolle Velez (USA)
Virginie Dorza (Mauritius)
Sophie Garineaux (France)
Ashanti Mbanga (South Africa)
Natalia Lermanda (Chile)
Ezgi Avci (Turkey)
Lisa Xiang (China PR)
Cristina Martinez (Spain)



First let me start of by saying, I am pleased and completely satisfied with the outcome of last night’s pageant. Production wise, many would agree that it’s still disappointing but at least it has improved from last year. There’s a double catwalk platform this time and lights below it gave a dramatic feel and I like the effect that little fountain in the middle made, it gave me that serene and relaxing mood honestly! The hosts did just fine, Linda Black was exceptional and looked stunning but her husband was a bit out of focus (he mistakenly said Miss World before the commercial break, good thing he quickly corrected it) but on the upside I like Olli Pettigrew’s dynamic energy, so he’s forgiven!

On to the Top 16, I was sad to see my Top bet not advancing, I mean BOLIVIA was stunning all through out, but oh well maybe she didn’t do well during the interview. Other shocking shut outs are COSTA RICA, INDONESIA, and most importantly the stunning Miss UKRAINE, it’s insane she didn’t make the Top 16, again I’m looking at the interview portion sans make-up as her possible Waterloo.

The Top 16 consisted of brunettes, zero blondes. There were some surprises but no head scratchers, CHINA and USA were the unexpected ones but they delivered! I’m happy MAURITIUS was called in, I may be on the minority here but I believed in her, great job for placing your country in the pageant map for the First time!

For the Swimsuit and Evening gown segments, I was impressed by misses THAILAND, PHILIPPINES, and VENEZUELA. They rocked both rounds!

I have nothing negative to say but just improve the translation services please! And the venue please bring it back to UP theater instead!

Overall Venezuela deserved it, during the announcement I was leaning on Miss Thailand to win but good job placing 3rd! Congratulations to the new Miss Earth 2013!!


Here’s the Complete video of the pageant:



2 thoughts on “>> Alyz Henrich wins 2nd Miss Earth crown for Venezuela!

  1. Nice review. I loved seeing Austria, Korea and Thailand win a title. I do like Venezuela but would have preferred Thailand and having another country win the other element. Nice to see other countries win for a change. LOVED LOVED LOVED USA making top 16. Would have loved to see her in top 8 just so everyone would have had the opportunity to hear her answer a question. She is very articulate and intelligent and has a heart of gold. Could not have asked for a better representative.

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