>> MISS EARTH 2013: D’FINAL LIST of Favorites!!!

Tonight’s the night! we will witness the crowning of a new queen! This is really a tough competition I must say, unlike last year (we had South Africa’s Tamerin Jardine rule all 3 Rounds), this year we had different top rulers per round!

Who will be the new ambassadress of the earth? who will be Tereza Fajksova’s successor? let’s meet D’ Final List of favorites.

Round 3

D’ Miss Earth 2013: BOLIVIA 

– This woman literally was nowhere near my radar before the pageant kicked off, but the moment she stepped out of that airplane she started to make heads turn, she started gaining attention during some activities. She’s really tall and beautiful and brought her A-game in the preliminaries! Oh boy, I was never this impressed since Yanina Gonzales (Miss Paraguay Earth/universe 2004)! I think the crown is definitely going back to latin America and Miss Bolivia is my perfect choice for the job!

Bolivia (Maria Rene Carmona)


D’ Miss Air (1st runner-up): VENEZUELA

– Another strong performer! It’s so hard to beat her! I’m sure she will be in the Top 4. Like I always say before, “Never ever bet against a Miss Venezuela”. Seriously, ALyz is on the look out for the title but I want her to win Miss Air since no Venezuelan has won this title yet and I want her successor to win the crown next year!  It’s also amazing to note that her country will watch the pageant to be broadcast live tonight!

VENEZUELA (Alyz Henrich)
VENEZUELA (Alyz Henrich)


D’ Miss Water (2nd runner-up): UKRAINE

– She’s this year’s Blonde barbie, wow! Her biggest moment was when she won the Best in Swimsuit award and that just cemented her status as a frontrunner! And she is naturally beautiful, i’m very impressed with this lady!

UKRAINE (Anastasia Sukh)
UKRAINE (Anastasia Sukh)


D’ Miss Fire (3rd runner-up): PHILIPPINES

– This country is on a roll this year, and I don’t see any flaws in her! She is on FIRE!! She has managed to redeem her country’s name in this pageant after 2 non-deserving placements! And at this point it’s safe to say that she’s a lock in this hallowed group of Top 4!

PHILIPPINES (Angelee Claudette delos Reyes)
PHILIPPINES (Angelee Claudette delos Reyes)


Can any of them make the eventual Top 4? I can see that happening!
Can any of them make the eventual Top 4? I can see that happening!

The Top 8:

5. COSTA RICA (Mariela Aparicio) – She’s the silent killer!! she’s still my most favorite of all, I’m just placing her here cuz every year there’s always 1 or 2 of my bets  I placed in the Top 8 but eventually surpassed that and won an elemental crown! If Bolivia doesn’t win, Costa Rica is my second pick for the crown!

6. THAILAND (Punika Kulsoontornrut) – She’s my #1 leader in Round 2! She’s a perfect delegate and she has the drive to win. Her heart warming interview on tv had won my respect! I don’t mind seeing her advance all the way into the Top 4, she’s amazing!

7. SERBIA (Andjelka Tomasevic) – Can i say she’s the most beautiful Miss Serbia of all time? gosh, she went to Manila winning people’s hearts!

8. SOUTH AFRICA (Ashanti Mbanga) – Another big threat for the crown! She’s the total package, body+brains+beauty = Miss Earth? we’ll find out tonight!


completing the Top 16:

Top 12

9. CANADA (Sofiya Chorniy) – She’s one of my soft spots picks! Her preliminary swimsuit and evening gown performances were impressive too!

10. AUSTRIA (Katia Wagner) – She’s one of the most buzzed candidates, well a face like that is hard to ignore! She’s so lovely!

11. INDONESIA (Nita Sofiani) – I love her, she’s confident and she has that winning aura! She’s ready to continue her compatriots’ semi-final streak in other pageants! almost there Nita aim for the Goal –> 3/4…

12. SWEDEN (Denice Andree) – Her previous Miss International experience has helped her, she’s shining!

top 16

13. FRANCE (Sophie Garenaux) – She’s so likable! there’s something about these French beauties who compete in beauty pageants, at first before the competition starts their photos are not impressive but when they arrive they look phenomenal! I can feel her advancing further than this!

14. INDIA (Sobhita Dhulipala) – No wonder she won Best in Eco video, she really did a great job on that! Indians always excel on this this aspect! They always come up with great projects! bravo!

15. SPAIN (Cristina Martinez) – An exceptional candidate! She’s really stunning and those eyes are magnetic!

16. MAURITIUS (Virginie Dorza) – She gained momentum when she was classified as one of the Top 15 Best in swimsuit! From then on pageant fans had started to notice her! She reminds me of Leandra Pratt (stunning Miss Bahamas Earth 2006). I wish her well tonight!

D’ Notables (can pull an upset):

17. BRAZIL (Priscilla Martins)

18. RUSSIA (Olesya Boslovyak)

19. TURKEY (Ezgi Avci)

20. MEXICO (Kristal Silva)


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