>> MISS EARTH 2013: The 2nd Round of Favorites::::

It’s time for ROUND 2! Here are some movers and shakers!

Will Thailand maintain this lead? or shall we have a new leader on the next round?
Will Thailand maintain her lead? or shall we have a new leader on the next round?

SERBIA – The stunning Andjelka Tomasevic romps up to #2 after impressing at the press presentation! This redhead beauty is a serious contender for the title, and she’s probably the most beautiful Serbian woman to compete in a beauty pageant since Sanja Papic (Miss Serbia & Montenegro Universe 2003)
TURKEY – This stunning Turkish beauty reminds me of Miss Universe 2009 from Venezuela (Stefania Fernandez). This time Ezgi Avci will Avenge her compatriot Melis Durasi (a contender that was left out clapping last year).
SOUTH AFRICA – Ashanti is the most stunning of the African beauties this year, she’s got a svelte figure, she’s statuesque and she is very smart and has a solid platform. I won’t mind seeing her walk away with an elemental crown!
VENEZUELA – Alyz Henrich rose from #10 to #6 this week! She won me over with her charisma and fun personality after that TV interview.

THE SHAKERS (New in the list):
THAILAND – Punika is gaining momentum in the competition. This Thai stunner is winning some special awards from sponsors. Will she avenge last year’s non placement of Worathaya Wongchayaporn? nevertheless, She debuts at # 1 for this round, great job Polly!
UKRAINE – Nastia Sukh is a flawless blonde barbie! She’s new in the list at #8.
AUSTRIA – She’s one of those who continues to impress from day 1 up to this writing, she’s very pretty!
RUSSIA – Another Russian stunner, Olesya is probably the most beautiful Russian who competed in a major beauty pageant this year! She’s gorgeous that’s why she enters this leader board at #13.
FRANCE – She’s one of those who wowed everyone in the press presentation! She’s very pretty at #15.
SPAIN – Cristina Martinez debuts at #16, this stunning lady is a force to reckon with. Her compatriots did well in Miss Universe and Miss World. Now it’s her turn to impress!
MAURITIUS – I never noticed Virginie Dorza until she placed in the top 5 swimsuit competition in her group! And I saw her in a tv guesting and she really has a beautiful face! It would be interesting to see a Mauritian beauty place in a major beauty pageant!
BOLIVIA – The tallest in the competition! She’s a glamazon and she has striking features too. Bolivia hasn’t placed in this pageant yet, I think she’s the one!
SOUTH SUDAN – The African contingent is strong, beauties from Nigeria and Tanzania are also noteworthy, but Miss South Sudan Gloria Karsis is just on a league of her own. She is very cute and lovely! She’s new in this list at #20.

KOREA and INDONESIA are still in contention for a semi-final placement. Both beauties are eye catching and are probably the best their countries have sent! They remain solid at their spots since the 1st Round at #11 and #14 respectively!

COSTA RICA – Last round’s top player. Though she drops two notches down to #3, still Mariela is undeniably a top contender! She’s playing the competition silently, I remember last year’s Camila Brant from Brazil (Miss Fire) who went completely unnoticed at every activities but shone during the finals night! So don’t count her out yet, Mariela is this year’s hottest latina!
BRAZIL – This mamacita looked like a mannequin during a tv guesting! Wow, can’t wait to see what her evening gown is!
CANADA – The most natural! She might have dropped from #3 to #9, it’s still likely she’ll shine and she might squeeze into the Top 4! We’ll see.
PHILIPPINES – A worthy contender! I’m afraid she might be a sacrificial lamb and might not advance all the way to the Top 4 due to the fact that the Philippines had won an elemental crown unjustifiably in 2011 and 2012! on a positive note, I’d like to make mention that she has one of the hottest bodies this year! Just wow!
SWEDEN – Denice Andree drops to #18 previously at #15. Sweden has been sending top notch beauties in Miss Earth and she is defnitely making her country proud!


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