Miss EARTH 2013: 1st Round of Favorites:::

The Delegates have started departing their respective countries, while a few beauties had already arrived including Misses Guam, Poland and USA to compete in the Miss Earth pageant! This year’s theme is “Celebrating the International year of water cooperation”

And this blog’s main objective is to forecast who are the hottest contestants competing, let’s meet them:

Costa Rica's Mariela Aparicio leads Round 1, Brazil, Canada and Crimea follows closely..
Costa Rica’s Mariela Aparicio leads Round 1, Brazil, Canada and Crimea follows closely..

1. COSTA RICA (Mariela Aparicio) – Looks like this goddess’ participation is confirmed afterall, No more setbacks, no delays! it’s long overdue! It’s interesting to note that she was slated to compete back in 2011 (When Ecuador’s Olga Alava won). Nothing’s gonna stop her from winning it this time, Go Mariela!!

2. BRAZIL (Priscila Martins) – Another front runner here! Brazil is the #1 powerhouse country in this pageant, with an impressive 2 wins and 3 Miss Air titles (1st runner-up) and 2 Miss Fire titles (3rd runner-up). It’s incredible! And this beauty is bound to add another title.

3. CANADA (Sofia Chorniy) – A Miss Earth prototype! Her beauty of face Even with less make-up is eminent! ANd let’s not forget how dedicated and involved she is in her advocacy.

4. CRIMEA (Mariya Makater) – It’s important to have a barbie type of beauty, like last year’s winner! Crimea is fielding a gorgeous candidate! Will Europe snatch the crown for the 2nd straight year? I can see it happening!

5. KOSOVO (Donika Emini) – Just like Crimea, this Kosovan stunner is also making heads turn. I hope she has a platform for this pageant!

6. PHILIPPINES (Angelee Claudette Delos Reyes) – Finally a worthy candidate from the host country after 3 years! Angelee is a stunning Filipina with a sultry latina vibe! And her body is vavavoom!! If Philippines were to place in the Top 4 again this year, this time it would be absolutely well deserving.

7. SOUTH AFRICA (Ashanti Mbanga) – I find her very pretty! And her eco-video is impressive. There she talked about sensible issues her country is facing and I love her voice!

8. INDIA (Sobhita Dhulipala) – After winning the title in 2010, it’s been an uphill battle for the past 2 Indian beauties to penetrate the semi-finals! And that’s Sobhita’s challenge this year, to bring India back in the game.

9. BOSNIA and HERZEGOVINA (Vera Krneta) – Wow she’s a lovely red head! She’s one of the pre-arrival favorites! This country is doing well in the Miss Earth pageant more than any other pageant systems today! For now I’m gonna keep her in this spot, I’m sure she will be in everyone’s Top 4 come finals night.

10. VENEZUELA (Alyz Henrich) – Maybe I should think twice in placing the lovely Alyz in this spot! I know it’s not good to bet against a Miss Venezuela! Well I’m sure she will climb up this list in the next few days, but for now I’m gonna keep her in a modest position!

The Rest of the TOP 20:

11. KOREA (Catharina Choi)
12. MARTINIQUE (Rani Charles)
13. CHILE (Natalia Lermanda)
14. INDONESIA (Nita Sofiani)
15. SWEDEN (Denice Andree)
16. TURKEY (Ezgi Avci)
17. BELGIUM (Kristina de Munter)
18. SERBIA (Andjelka Tomasevic)
19. ALBANIA (Afroviti Goge)
20. GERMANY (Caroline Noeding)


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