Mister International 2013 starts, check out the 1st round of favorites!

After the Miss Universe pageant, let’s crossover to the male division! Now on its 7th year this pageant is now considered one of the most, if not, the most important male pageant today! The contestants have started arriving in the beautiful Jakarta, Indonesia and the finals is set on Nov. 21! For the mean time let’s gauge who are the hottest contestants so far…

Slovak Republic leads in round 1? will he maintain this spot?
Slovak Republic leads in round 1! will he maintain this spot? check it out after 1 week

1. SLOVAK REPUBLIC (Michal Gajdosech)

– We’ve got a hot contender here from Slovakia! This guy is absolutely gorgeous and registers well on cam! All eyes are set on him but he shouldn’t let his guard down cuz there are other equally gorgeous contestants as well!
Slovak Republic


2. VENEZUELA (Jose Anmer Paredes) 

– This Venezuelan hottie is a looker, finally this country is sending a great candidate this year in the person of Jose Anmer!



3. PHILIPPINES (Gil Wagas)

– One of the tallest guys in the competition, judging from his arrival photos in Jakarta, I have to say Mister Philippines is the one to watch out for!phils


4. INDONESIA (Albern Sultan) 

– This country is on a roll this year, after placing in 2 major Beauty pageants (Miss World and Miss Universe), it looks like Indonesia will be proud again! Albern Sultan has all the makings of the next Mister International!



5. PUERTO RICO (Jimmy Perez Rivera)

– He’s a pageant veteran, having been his country’s representative at last year’s Manhunt International, now Jimmy is back and is hungry for a title! Can he win this year’s top plum? Let’s all wait and see..

Puerto Rico22


6.CHILE (Pablo Alcayaga)

– The moment I saw his photos in Jakarta, Pablo automatically enters my list! This guy is phenomenal! This is what brawns is all about!



7. SRI LANKA (Bryan Livera)

– This guy is the most handsome so far! I’m excited to see his arrival pictures!

Sri Lanka2


8. DOMINICAN REPUBLIC (Jonathan Checo) 

– Jonathan has one of the best bodies in the competition, you gotta love those explosive pecs right there! I can smell a Dominican dominion in this year’s competition.

Dominican Republic


9. CZECH REPUBLIC (Antonin Beranek) 

– I’m actually quite guilty I placed him at this spot. I realized he should be higher lol! But anyway this Czech hottie is the one to look out for in this competition.

Czech Rep2


10. TURKEY (Ufuk Deger) 

– I’m getting a Hammoud Ali vibe from him! Will it be an advantage or disadvantage to have similarities with the reigning Mister International? All I know Ufuk Deger is one fine handsome man!



11. PERU (Rodrigo Fernandini)

– Rodrigo is also an experienced contestant, he already competed at last year’s Mr. World held in London and was one of the semi-finalists! Can he win it this time?



12. SINGAPORE (Edwin Heng) 

– Edwin Heng has one of the best abs around! I find his boyish looks so attractive, way to go Singapore!



13. SLOVENIA (Jure Rugani)

– This one has a face to die for! Great cheekbones, and jaw-dropping smile! What else are we looking for here?



14. BRAZIL (Jonathan Marko)

– Brazillian men have the perfect genes and this is why they excel in the Male pageants! They have a Mr. World, Manhunt International and 2 Mister International titles, that’s a feat! This man is going to keep that streak going!



15. LEBANON (Firass Abbas)

– What makes him standout is his dyed hair in front! Will he be able to defend the title for his country? find out on nov. 21



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