:: Miss Universe ’13, Post Prelim thoughts part 3 (Evening Gown Competition)

This is probably one of the best Preliminary Competitions ever! And as far as the Evening gown segment is concerned, there were so many beautiful and stunning gowns and the ladies carried them with aplomb. All 86 delegates have been divided into 6 groups, so here is what I think the top 5 Best in each group, and later on, let’s find out who wins D’BEST in EVENING GOWN.


Bolivia takes the lead in this group
Bolivia takes the lead in this group

Group 1:
1. BOLIVIA – She leads this group! The bottom of the gown reminds me of Ximena Navarette’s red gown (Miss Universe 2010) She looked so glamorous!
2. BRAZIL – so lovely! I love her gown with the slit!
3. CANADA – I must say she appeared looking so refined on stage, and she wore one of the most beautiful evening gowns!
4. BAHAMAS – Her bubblegum pink gown was great! I like its dramatic effect as she walked down the stage!
5. AUSTRIA – I really find her beautiful in this segment, she carried her gown well! I’ll be watching her closely!



All white, metallic and buns...
All white, metallic and buns…

Group 2:
1. COLOMBIA – She was floating and her Grecian inspired gown was a dream!
2. CHINA – She was the Diva! amazing stage chops and her gown? simply stunning!
3. CURACAO – She looked great, great make-up and her gown is one of the best!
4. FRANCE – Just stunning!
5. COSTA RICA – Her aura just radiates in this sparkling metallic piece.



ethereal and enchanting!
ethereal and enchanting!

Group 3:

1. INDIA – Very beautiful! She was so impressive!
2. INDONESIA – What a beautiful evening gown, it really suits her!
3. ISRAEL – Elegance personified!
4. HAITI – what a black barbie! She worked her gown well!
5. JAMAICA – I love how she worked her gown! She was stunning!



The Asian-sation!!
The Asian-sation!!

Group 4:
1. NIGERIA – Wow! That’s grace and elegance at its finest! I was amazed!
2. MALAYSIA – Carey was unforgettable! She carried her blue gown with finesse! Got the 2nd most cheers in this group!
3. KOREA – She gave me chills!
4. NICARAGUA – Ravishing!
5. MYANMAR – She’s got the loudest cheers!! And she did a commendable performance!



The strongest group that gave me a headache!
The strongest group that gave me a headache!

Group 5: This is the toughest group! Commendable performances were given by Philippines, Paraguay and Peru but the Top 5 in this group are the following:
1. PUERTO RICO – I love how Monic started with the dress! It was a crucial first impression and it worked!
2. RUSSIA – Elmira gave me goosebumps, I never expected she was amazing in this round. That bright red gown made her stand out and her long trail made her appear taller, and she won me over when she nodded the audience, that was genius!
3. POLAND – Ugh! She’s absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful face!
4. SPAIN – Patricia’s gown was fabulous! She was magnificent!
5. PANAMA – She’s very impressive! She was the first one to walk in this group, and she set the bar high!



Marvelous and extremely impressive!
Marvelous and extremely impressive!

Group 6: – I was expecting so much that Venezuela will top this round, but as much as I love Gabriela, she appeared nervous and she looked uncomfortable in her highly beaded gown, good thing she was able to pick it up towards the end but the  5 girls that outperformed her in this group are:
1. TURKEY – Gosh, this woman is soo in! Her gown was risque’ but I love love it!
2. UKRAINE – she was soft, endearing and absolutely lovely!
3. SWITZERLAND – Fierceness! Her hair complimented her overall look wearing that black gown! She was sensational!
4. USA – Red is definitely her color! Erin gave a very strong preliminary performance better than any Miss USA this past decade!
5. VIETNAM – Wow, she ended the competition at a high level! I must say Miss Vietnam outperformed Miss Venezuela who came before her! She’s now a shoo in after this performance!


So there, now let’s narrow down this 30 incredible beauties to a TOP 15!

Absolutely the best....
Absolutely the best….

1. PUERTO RICO – She’s simply the best in her Canary yellow masterpiece!! No doubt!

Congratulations Puerto Rico!


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