Preliminary Competition happening tonight!

The Most crucial phase of the competition is the Preliminary or Presentation show which is happening tonight! This is where a delegate puts her best foot forward in impressing not just us pageant fans but most importantly the panel of judges! The ladies will compete in 2 rounds, Swimsuits and Evening gowns, and the Top 15 (including the Trump picks) will be selected which will be announced come finals night on November 9.

Let’s have a pulse check on who are expected to do well…

Let’s begin with VENEZUELA! Maria Gabriela Isler is in fighting form, her ferocious catwalk will definitely leave the rest in awe! I’m excited to see her evening gown’s hue (it’s interesting Venezuela started experimenting colors since 2008)

VENEZUELA (Gabriela Isler)
VENEZUELA (Gabriela Isler)

UKRAINE – I have a hunch that a European is bound to win this year’s crown! As much as I want it to be either SPAIN or POLAND, I think she could be Miss UKRAINE! Well for 2 reasons! One, she is beautiful that’s for sure, she’s a living barbie! And Two, Ukraine came close to winning by finishing 2nd to Leila Lopes from Angola in 2011, and with that, the organization thinks it’s high time to give them the crown for the first time! With Oleksandra Nikolayenko (Ukraine’s national director) by Donald’s side, hmmmm! It can really happen!

UKRAINE - Olga Storozhenko
UKRAINE – Olga Storozhenko

ITALY is sending a goddess this year! To see Luna Voce compete in Miss Universe is a dream come true. Her previous pageant assignments will definitely help her excel! And oh, YAMAMAY is this year’s swimsuit sponsor and this brand is from Italy so, count it in!

ITALY - Luna Voce
ITALY – Luna Voce

COSTA RICA – Are you ready to be stunned? tonight she will show us her amazing body, matched with her perfect smile. And I can’t wait too see her don a beautiful evening gown! She is Central America’s best bet for the semi-finals.

COSTA RICA - Fabiana Granados
COSTA RICA – Fabiana Granados

CANADA – Riza boasts a load of pageant experience (she competed in Miss Earth and Miss World)! She is definitely someone to watch out for. Canada has been absent in the semi-finals since 2006 and she’s hungry for that crown! With intense coachings from a former Canadian Miss Universe, plus a Canadian judge for tonight’s presentation show? Her odds of placing in the top 15 are high!

CANADA - Riza Santos
CANADA – Riza Santos

ISRAEL is represented by a black beauty for the first time! Her face is divine, and many fans expect her to be called!

ISRAEL - Titi Yitayish Ayanaw
ISRAEL – Titi Yitayish Ayanaw

PHILIPPINES – She comes from the land with the most passionate pageant fans! and the capital of Social Media! These two factors make Miss Philippines a valuable asset to the Miss Universe Organization! Looks wise? Ariella is a stunner!! Her eyes are magnetic and her stare is enchanting!

PHILIPPINES - Ariella Arida
PHILIPPINES – Ariella Arida

PUERTO RICO – There are rumors circulating that she is a Diva! But let’s set that aside, the most anticipated gown of the year is what I expect to see her wear tonight! Will her Angelina Jolie looks work to her advantage? we will find out!

PUERTO RICO - Monic Perez
PUERTO RICO – Monic Perez

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