Underrated Miss Universe ’13 Candidates::

We always talk about the most buzzed delegates, guarding their every movements and anxiously awaiting for their new photos! now it’s time to shift our focus to the delegates who deserve our attention! These are the 6 girls who are flying under the radar of most pageant fans! it’s always a refreshing change to see a positive surprise in the semi-finals, could she be one of them?

ESTONIA - Kristina Karjalainen
ESTONIA – Kristina Karjalainen

– This Nicole Kidman deadringer is making some heads turn for the locals! She may not be as popular as SPAIN or POLAND but her beauty is exquisite! Last time Estonia sent a stunner was in 2007 with Viktorya Azovskaya and this country’s last placement was in 1997! Here’s hoping to see her give a great fight come the preliminary competition!


JAMAICA - Kerrie Baylis
JAMAICA – Kerrie Baylis

– For the Caribbean beauties, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic are the most talked about! But hey here’s one stunning contestant who’s not just telegenic but has a svelte figure as well! Jamaica had sent some unforgettable beauties (Christine Straw in 2004 and Yendi Phillips in 2010). Kerrie stands poise to be added in that formidable list!


LITHUANIA - Simona Burbaite
LITHUANIA – Simona Burbaite

– It’s amazing that Lithuania has been represented since 2011. And Simona is a stunning brunette!! Look at that face ya’ll! She has this sultry yet classy vibe with her that’s so visually arresting! I wish her good luck.


PARAGUAY - Guadalupe Gonzales
PARAGUAY – Guadalupe Gonzales

– Here’s one certified HOT latina! Her landing in Moscow was controversial due to her visa issues, thought Paraguay will be absent but voila she made it! Though her steam had dwindle since then, and being overshadowed by more popular latinas! i’m sure Guada is playing the competition silently and will deliver when it matters the most and that’s the preliminary competition!


AUSTRIA - Doris Hoffman
AUSTRIA – Doris Hoffman

– Her beauty just grows on you, the more you look at her the more you appreciate her gorgeousness! This country’s highest placement was in 1977 with Eva Duringer placing 2nd, and their last participation was 9 years ago! If she places in the semi-finals I hope her country will start to send yearly!


MYANMAR - Moe Set Wine
MYANMAR – Moe Set Wine

– I describe her as an Asian royalty! her delicate beauty matched with her porcelain skin is hard to ignore! The Asian contingent is strong and has a huge following and it may be an uphill battle for her but who knows? after a long absence Myanmar is “back and ready to put the country in the pageant map” as the adage goes!

So who do you think will make it? Even though these ladies aren’t popular but I hope they’ll bring their A-game come November 5th when it’s needed the most, it’s the preliminaries! Best of luck ladies!


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