::: ROUND 3: Miss Universe 2013 – Top 15 Most Beautiful Faces :::

We’re now on round 3 and this time the sole focus is pure pulchritude! That irresistible beauty that at first glance will make you say, “wow she’s BEAUTIFUL!

Let’s meet the 15 women that continues to wow us!

Who's the fairest of them all?
Who’s the fairest of them all?

1. POLAND – Paulina Krupinska is a gem! She’s a true Polish goddess, finally Poland has arrived! Most of the time we see gorgeous Polish beauties compete in Miss Earth! But now i’m in high heavens there’s one competing for Miss Universe!

2. SPAIN – Patricia Rodriguez is making the European Union proud, as you can see the top 2 comes from the old continent! And most pageant fans consider them as the Top 2! Now when was the last time we had a European Top 2? I have to check the pageant library for that but for now, we’re all charmed by Miss Spain’s beauty!

3. TURKEY – The world is taking notice how beautiful this Turkish lass is! It’s so hard to ignore her! That face is perfect during the final look come finals night. If that happens, I’ll die!

4. PHILIPPINES – This woman is enchanting! I love her eyes. Ariella Arida is definitely on fire!
5. JAMAICA – Her spellbinding beauty just takes my breath away! how come no one notices her? urggh!


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