Interesting, funny and amusing candidates’ videos…

Here are short clips where we can get a bird’s eye view on how these ladies answer their questions, interestingly with a twist it’s TRUTH and DARE!

I haven’t gone through all the vids yet but so far here are some interesting and quite amusing ones that stood out for me!

When Miss Romania talked about being religious she won me over! I felt her sincerity! Though she comes across too timid, maybe she has to work on this and her hair is quite a mess but I still love her no matter what!

Miss Ghana is soo cute! her voice is so tiny that she makes me smile! Her smile while doing the beatbox just lights up the room.

She is one of those underrated latinas! She’s so vivacious in that video, i love her smile!

I love when she answered that her dream job after being Miss Universe is to be a police officer! go claim it girl!

OMG, this woman is a goddess! She’s giving me a Poland headache now! very beautiful.

Miss Jamaica is so underrated, she’s so beautiful! Am I the only one who notices that? And how cool she added a little rap after doing the beatbox in that clip!

Wow she has the most views on youtube, who could topple that? And i find her stunning in this video, her chicken dance is hilarious!

She’s gorgeous ya’ll!

Miss Czech Republic is so adorable! I love her!


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