ROUND 1: Miss Universe 2013 Pre-Arrival Picks!!!

If The Oscars is for Movies, World Cup is for soccer then Miss Universe is for Beauty Pageants! It’s the Olympics of Beauties! Nothing beats the excitement it brings! This marks our 2nd year of covering this competition! And this is it! in just a few weeks, the Miss Universe 2013 season will commence with the arrival of the candidates (full schedule to be posted soon)

Here’s this blog’s Top 20 Pre-arrival Picks, based on photos and first impressions!!

Will Spain maintain its lead throughout the competition? Follow this blog's coverage in the next few days....
Will Spain maintain its lead throughout the competition? Follow this blog’s coverage in the next few days….

1. SPAIN (Patricia Rodriguez) – A former Miss Espana 2008 and a Miss World 2008 semi-finalist, she was originally for Miss Universe that year but was disqualified because of being underage at 17! Now she’s back and she’s ready to win Spain’s 2nd crown in what 3 decades?

2. ITALY (Luna Voce) – A former Miss Earth Italy 2009, she is one of the few strong crossovers to grace the Miss Universe pageant! This girl has a really beautiful face! Last time we saw a goddess compete was in 2010 with Ireland’s Rozanna Purcell, now here’s another captivating beauty ready to wow us all!
3. BRAZIL (Jakelyn Oliveira) – This year’s vavavoom delegate comes from the land of supermodels! After a successful 2 year Top 5 streak, looks like Brazil is fielding a Top contender! Watch out for her, she’s phenomenal!
4. PHILIPPINES (Ariella Arida) – I was right all along when I said back in 2010 that Venus Raj’s 5th place finish signaled the successful streak of Top 5 placements for this country! Ara stands poise to maintain that! This girl is Gorgeous!
5. FRANCE (Hinarani de Longeaux) – France is on a roll this past few years! Consistently placing since 2009, And this girl is armed with exotic beauty, will she finally put France in the Top 5? After a Miss World 2nd place victory, Hinarani is motivated to duplicate or even surpass her compatriot’s success!
6. COSTA RICA (Fabiana Granados) – Another Miss Earth alumna, she placed in the Top 16 last year! And she’s back to represent her country in the international stage once more! I’m positive she won’t disappoint!
7. POLAND (Paulina Krupinska) – She’s an early favorite, most pageant fans consider her as the one to beat the moment she was crowned! I’ll definitely watch out for her, Poland is hungry for a Miss Universe title!
8. JAPAN (Yukimi Matsuo) – I’m so into her, she’s facially the most beautiful Miss Japan Universe since Kurara Chibana! I’d be thrilled to see her called!
9. USA (Erin Brady) – This country is sending another beautiful candidate, I thought Olivia was the most beautiful Miss USA in the last 10 years, I think I was wrong, Erin is as equally as gorgeous or even more!
10. ISRAEL (Yityish Aynaw) – The first black Miss Israel in the history, will she make a splash? I sure think so!

And the rest of the Top 20:

11. CROATIA (Melita Fabecic)
12. INDONESIA (Whulandry Herman)
13. COLOMBIA (Carmen Lucia Roldan)
14. INDIA (Manasi Moghe)
15. SOUTH AFRICA (Marily Ramos)
16. VENEZUELA (Gabriela Isler)
17. GERMANY (Ann Julie Hagen)
18. UKRAINE (Olga Stozorenkho)
19. BOLIVIA (Alexia Viruez)
20. GABON (Jennifer Ondo)


15 thoughts on “ROUND 1: Miss Universe 2013 Pre-Arrival Picks!!!

  1. OMG! i so much agree with this post! i love spain, philippines, france, costa rica, poland, japan, usa! my top 6 and i think there will be a top 6 for this year’s miss uuniverse!

  2. Nothing special about miss universe…its double standard of choosing the candidate…miss malaysia actually can win but they are jealous not to choose…

  3. This year….. Asian candidates are very strong….. Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand are for the crowns…… Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Myanmar can pull a surprise…. top 5 or top 10…..

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