D’Final Top 10 Picks for L-MEN of the Year (Indonesia):::::

This has got to be Indonesia’s pride to the world! The L-Men of the year pageant is considered the most important Male modeling competition, not just in the country but it has also started to gather attention outside its borders as the ultimate national pageant to watch out for! in my opinion Indonesian men are one of the most attractive and this pageant just highlights that! The winner gets a lucrative deal from its major sponsors and becomes a celebrity in the country, he also gets the chance to compete for the prestigious Mister International to be held late this year in, guess where? yes it’ s Indonesia!

From a field of 20 hopefuls who went through a rigorous selection to take part in the grand finals, here’s this blog’s TOP 10 Final Picks:

This is our Final choices, who will succeed Rizal Idrus? find out on June 30
This is our Final choices, who will succeed Rizal Idrus? find out on June 30
1. LAMPUNG-Fuadi
1. LAMPUNG-Fuadi had competed last year, now he’s back and he’s ready to claim the title!
2. NORTH SUMATRA – Albern is also in contention for the title! This guy is on fire!
3. WEST JAVA - David
3. WEST JAVA – I’m smelling a possible victory for David! He’s just a matinee idol, a total hottie!
4. RIAU - Wira
4. RIAU – Wira can also pull an upset on the favorites!
5. BALI - Tema
5. BALI – Tema has one of the best bodies in the competition! Great pecs and nice height! He’s also a good choice for either Mister International or Manhunt
6. SOUTH SULAWESI – Cakra is the face of the competition! To me he’s easily the most gorgeous of the bunch!
7. CENTRAL JAVA – Lutfi is a sure-fire cutie!
8. BANTEN - Chris
8. BANTEN – Chris is one of those who can pull a big surprise, I don’t mind seeing this guy grab a runner-up position!
9. NORTH SULAWESI – Juara is just wow! Impressive looks there!
10. SOUTH SUMATRA- Rico is such an eye candy! You just cant stop staring at him!

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