ROUND 1: Pre-Arrival Favorites for Mister International Philippines 2013:::

A new local Male pageant is born! Organized by Prime Events Productions, this pageant is called MISTER INTERNATIONAL PHILIPPINES and its first winner will get to represent the Philippines in the prestigious MISTER INTERNATIONAL pageant to be held in Indonesia later this year. Prime events prods has been honored the license to elect the Filipino rep for the international tilt (don’t be confused with the former organization which is the Mister Philippines Inc. which will hold a separate pageant later this year to continue its legacy).

As of this writing, the contestants from across the country our billeted in Lancaster hotel, the pageant’s official residence and will undergo several photoshoots to catch up with the first group who already did theirs and will also have sponsor visits in the next days leading up to the finale on JUNE 21 to be held in FIL OIL/Flying V Arena in San Juan City!

Meanwhile, meet this blog’s TOP 15 Pre-Arrival Favorites, remember this is just Round 1!

Do you agree with our list?
Do you agree with our list?

Kudos to the organizers who were able to gather some gorgeous Filipinos from across the country! I hope this continues for the next years and we might just as well see the first Filipino Mister International winner! details of the candidates to follow!


7 thoughts on “ROUND 1: Pre-Arrival Favorites for Mister International Philippines 2013:::

  1. Sorry but I partially agree…I like MR DAVAO…he has a very typical Filipino beauty;;;;I thought Philippines is looking for Mr International Philippines….Am sure Mr Davao possess this kind of qualities…… The reason behind why Philippines will never win in the International beauty competition is because you only focus on the looks of the FACE…How about the brain….what is face if below the neck doesn’t possess any qualities….eg: brain, height, attitude……think Philippines..

    1. i go for your idea krystelle what matters is not only the face because some guys dont look in photos. mind you if you look them in person that’s the time you can say ” he got the looks”. so never label most handsome faces in round 2 coz we find those in pix that are not so looking well…..good luck guys….

  2. Hi I would like to know how can I join the winner of mr. Philippines here in Melbourne Australia compete in mr. Philippines International.

    1. Thanks for expressing interest, I recommend you message the organizer via FB, their page is Mister International Philippines or you can message either Carlo Morris Galang or Aski Reynolds Pasquale they’re 2 of the people behind the org! Again thanks for your interest, can we see a photo of the winner?

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