Hari ng Pilipinas 2013: Final Top 12 Picks!!

One of the most promising male pageant searches in the country is about to culminate by the end of the month, and as we anticipate who will take the 1st Hari ng Pilipinas title I present to you Round 2 Favorites after the Pre-pageant and some major shake-ups due to some candidates pulling out of the competition!

This blog’s choices are as follows:

Final Top 12 for Hari ng Pilipinas
Who will win the 1st hari ng Pilipinas ’13? find out on May 31


#1. HARI ng PILIPINAS 2013: CHAMPEE BORNILLA – I just love this guy’s jawline, a certified jaw dropping eye candy! And what makes me so into him is his mysterious gaze! Not every man can pull off that look! And just by the way his name goes, he might just be the overall CHAMPee!

#2. Hari ng Luzon: ARCHIE MANALILI – He’s another standout for sure! Height? check! Face? check!  Body? big check! There is no denying that this guy can take it all!

3 Ariel

#3. Hari ng Visayas: ARIEL ABRACEO – Here’s a young Ton ton Guttierez deadringer! what draws you more is his confidence! it just radiates even your a mile away!

4 Ardee

#4. Hari ng Mindanao: ARDEE CONCEPCION – All them guys should watch out for this frontrunner too! His photos are amazing, Shot after shot, he’s nailing them! What could ever go wrong for this hottie? after all he owns one of the best bodies of the competition!

5 Ariston2
#5. Runner-up: ARISTON MIRANDA – Here’s one of my favorites for sure! You might have seen him on TV and some print ads already! I’d certainly be thrilled to see him shine come finals night!!

Completing the Top 12:

6. ROOKIE RENZ  |  7. JIM  |  8. BASTY |  9. JAYSON  | 10. KYLE  | 11. WILFRED  | 12. PAOLO

FINALS is on MAY 31, visit the official FB page, https://www.facebook.com/haringpilipinas, for more details and to view the rest of the candidates!


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