:: Miss RUSSIA 2013 (Top 10 Favorites)

The largest country in the world is once again in search of a gorgeous representative to compete for Miss Universe and Miss World pageants!

Reigning Miss Universe Olivia Culpo from the USA and China’s Miss World Wenxa Yiu will attend the gala and will also serve as judges! Finals is on March 2 so check out the favorites!

Gorgeous redhead Margarita is touted as one of the favorites for the crown! some consider her body as a tad bit wide but let’s remember Oxana Fedorova and even the reigning Miss Russia Elizabeta Golovanova as having the same body figure! Her face is simply divine! A certified goddess!
Gorgeous Alena is also garnering some approval from pageant fans both local and abroad! Her eyes are tantalizingly enigmatic!!
She’s a Bond type of girl! And being a Bond girl requires a stunning face and a hot body!!
OMG! This girl is considered by some as the one to beat! Her beauty is growing the longer you stare at her beautiful face!
This girl is on fire!! She has these oriental features that will really help her standout amongst 50 candidates!!
This beauty oozes with so much sex appeal! so playboy worthy but not scandalous, at least she has an iota of elegance to her!!
Alena (altai)
It seems that the name Alena or Alina is a beautiful girl’s name in Russia! This beauty is like a barbie!! She’ll definitely get you drawn once you’re scrolling down!
Her face is so marketable! watch out for future endorsements!!
I love her lips! And her face as a whole is just a breath of fresh air!! Gorgeous!!
Alina (Tyumen)
Here’s a quintessential Russian supermodel crossing over to do pageantry!! She may just do well, so don’t count her out!!

Check out the rest of the 50 Candidates here:


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