And finally, we’ve come to the conclusion! After almost a month of waiting, the results are finally in for our ULTIMATE MAN 2012! Here they are:

BEST FACE: Ricardo Magrino (Brazil International)

– Look at this face! simply GORGEOUS! This man  is a certified eye candy! woah! He certainly deserves this spot!
 BEST FACE winner

Meet the finalists for Best Face!
Meet the finalists for Best Face!

Here’s the Top 10 ranking of the BEST FACE of 2012:

1. Ricardo Magrino (Brazil International)

2. Hammoud Ali (Lebanon International)

3. Jorge Leon (Manhunt Colombia)

4. Francisco Escobar (Colombia World)

5. Tarik Subara (Manhunt Bosnia)

6. John Tan (Manhunt Malaysia)

7. Jimmy Perez Rivera (Manhunt Puerto Rico)

8. Mert Ciftci (Turkey International)

9. Luka Raco (Serbia International)

10. Drew Palacious (Manhunt Bahamas)


PEOPLE’S CHOICE: Ricardo Magrino (Brazil International)

You’ve voted for him and Ricardo Magrino is our People’s Choice this year! Congratulations!

1 People's Choice

1 Top 5 People's Choice2


BEST PHYSIQUE: Jason Chee (Manhunt Singapore)

– This man is inarguably the sexiest! His body is an inspiration! From his washboard 6-pack abs to his obliques, all the way up to his traps and deltoids, urghh! every bit of his torso is well trained!! Looking at him now makes me wanna hit the gym pronto! Indeed, he’s got the Ultimate Best Physique!
3 Best Physique

3 Best Physique2

The Finalists for Best Physique:

2nd place: Enrique Mayagoitia (Mexico)

3rd place: Erick Sabater (Dominican Republic)

4th place: June Macasaet (Philippines)

5th place: Hammoud Ali (Lebanon)

Every single of this men proved that achieving a great body is possible, one just needs to be motivated and serious to make it happen!


D’ MOST PROMISING MALE MODEL: HAMMOUD ALI (MR. International from Lebanon)

If we were to get an effective product endorser, it has to be this Lebanese Hottie! I’m sure whatever product endorsed by him will sell like peanuts! June Macasaet and Jorge Leon are in close 2nd and 3rd spots respectively who are also worthy of the accolades!
4 D Most Promising male model


and our ULTIMATE MAN of 2012 winner is……

This is it! He came out on top! and garnered the most important points to put him on the spotlight! Hammoud Ali, the most handsome Mr. International winner so far is THE ULTIMATE MAN of 2012!!


Thanks for all the support guys! Hope to have a glorious 2013 as far as Male personality and modeling pageants are concerned! See you on our next edition!


5 thoughts on “:: THE ULTIMATE MAN 2012: THE RESULTS

  1. In my opinion, Rodrigo Chu (Mr World Peru 2012) should have been awarded the Best Physique title instead of Jason Chee whose body looks fake! How come Rodrigo is not even mentioned in the top 5 of that award?! His body is incredibly sexy and definitely the best body in the big 4 pageants.

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