From the list of Top 40 Beauties, now we narrow them down to half! And we select the Top 20 Most Beautiful women of 2012. Meet them, here they are in alphabetical order..

1 Top 20 Most Beautiful women in Pageantry


From this field of 20, we will give you the chance to vote who you think should be 2012’s Ultimate Beauty Queen. 50% of your votes will be added to the judges votes to help determine THE ULTIMATE BEAUTY of 2012!!

You can choose up to 10 of your favorites. Start voting now!!

Deadline is on January 23, so let your votes count!


24 thoughts on “::: TOP 20 MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN OF 2012 :::

  1. Its PHILIPPINES obviously, captivating! Poise and bearing, elagance and charm! Not to mention the cobra and swan walk, but ULTIMATELY THE INTELLIGENCE! Talbog…….go JANINE TUGONON…… the true and legitimate WINNER of MISS UNIVERSE 2012……tsuk!

      1. How is possible that the same voting pattern of 15 votes per min 24 hours a day persists for the lady in the lead ? Is there a program we should all know about ? Please advise , thank you .

  2. Tamerin Jardine South Africa ! She is an amazing person , she has beauty brains and loves humans , animals and Mother Earth like no other ! She has a huge calling in life to make a difference ! !

  3. You cannot deny that MISS PHILIPPINES IS AMAZING IN HER PERFORMANCE IN MISS UNiVERSE 2012……where she almost made it…..BUT FOR MANY….she was robbed……..it was cooked! SHE DESERVE THE CROWN! Humble and compassionate aside from being friendly and easy to be with…BEAUTY INSIDE AND OUT…..that is the ESSENCE OF A TRUE BEAUTY QUEEN……

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