*VENUS RAJ: A Filipina Beauty Icon

Happy new year folks, thank you for continuously visiting this blog! As we begin the year, I’d like to put up my first tribute wall and the first one to be featured is…

1 Venus A filipina Beauty Icon

VENUS RAJ, she really shook the world of pageantry! she made dethroning a trending issue, next thing you know the next 2 years national titleholders were being dethroned, lol!!

All three Filipinas who succeeded in Miss Universe starting in 2010 were sure fire frontunners, all had media mileage: VENUS (one of the first 6 candidates tasked to do series of media tours in LA and was chosen to do a make-up campaign with RIMA FAKIH), SHAMCEY was one of the 6 candidates chosen to promote the Operations smile campaign! and JANINE as we all know joined the eventual Miss Universe Olivia Culpo to do the FOX interview, but in my opinion VENUS RAJ was considered THE ONE TO BEAT, even Miss Jamaica Yendi Phillips admitted that in a later interview!


Let’s admit it that her face screams Miss Universe! It has the appeal that a Miss Universe is looking for! With pouty lips, almond eyes, high aquiline nose, amazing cheekbones, high fashion jawline and prominent forehead, this half Indian beauty is a complete package. She knows how to look fierce and make the audience mesmerized by her strong presence.


And who would forget these 4 die-hard Venus Fans who also caused a heightened interest in Beauty pageants and  stunned the world with their crazy reactions, only Venus made this happen!

I don’t mean to compare the successes achieved by the three Filipina Beauty queens but I pledge my love for the beauty who ended the drought, and her 5th place finish was tantamount to winning the Miss Universe crown! VENUS RAJ, I’ll always love you!!


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