:::TOP 40 BEAUTIES OF 2012:::

Before we say goodbye to 2012, let’s look back and honor the beautiful women who competed in the BIG 4! I present to you the Top 40 Beauties of 2012.

AUSTRALIA Universe – Renae Ayris1 Australia-L
BRAZIL Earth – Camila BrantBrazil Earth
CHINA World – Wen Xa YiuChina World
COLOMBIA Universe – Daniela AlvarezColombia Universe
COSTA RICA Earth – Fabiana GranadosCosta Rica Earth
CROATIA Universe – Elizabeta BurgCroatia Universe
CZECH REPUBLIC Universe– Tereza ChlebovskaCzech Republic Universe
CZECH REPUBLIC Earth – Tereza FajksovaCzech Rep earth
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC International – Melody MirDR International
FINLAND Universe– Sara ChafakFinland Universe
GEORGIA Universe – Tamta ShedaniaGeorgia Universe
HAITI International – Anedie AzaelHaiti International
HUNGARY Universe – Agnes KonkolyHungary Universe
INDIA International – Maria Rochelle RaoIndia International
INDIA World – Vanya MishraIndia World
MALAYSIA Universe – Kimberly LeggettMalaysia Universe
MEXICO World – Mariana BerumenMexico World
MONGOLIA Earth – Battsetseg TurbatMongolia Earth
NEPAL Earth – Nagma ShresthaNepal Earth
NETHERLANDS World/Universe – Nathalie Den DekkerNetherlands Universe World
NETHERLANDS Earth – Shauny BultNetherlands Earth
PARAGUAY International – Nicole HuberParaguay International
PHILIPPINES Universe – Janine TugononPhilippines Universe
PHILIPPINES World – Queenrich RehmanPhilippines World
POLAND Earth – Justyna RazcykPoland Earth
PUERTO RICO Earth – Darli PachecoPuerto Rico Universe
RUSSIA Earth – Natalia PereverzevaRussia Earth
SOUTH AFRICA Universe – Melinda BamSouth Africa Universe
SOUTH AFRICA Earth – Tamerine JardineSouth Africa Earth
SOUTH SUDAN World– Atong de MachSouth sudan World
SPAIN Universe – Andrea HuisgenSpain- Universe
SRI LANKA International – Mayusha MayadunneSri Lanka International
THAILAND Earth – Warathaya WongchayapornThailand Earth
TURKEY Earth– Melis DurasiTurkey Earth
UNITED KINGDOM International– Lily MounterUK International
USA Universe – Olivia CulpoUSA-Universe
USA Earth – Siria BojorquezUSA Earth
VENEZUELA Universe – Irene EsserVenezuela Universe
VENEZUELA Earth – Osmariel VillalobosVenezuela Earth
WALES World – Sophie MouldsWales world

Who will be this year’s ultimate Beauty of 2012? stay tuned as we cut this to half, the top 20 is next!!


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