*(MISS UNIVERSE 2012) ROUND 8: “The FINAL TOP 16 List”

Hey guys, this is it! We’ve reached the Final round of the year’s Most anticipated Beauty pageant. From Rounds 1 – 7 we had different leaders, it just proves how competitive these candidates are. But in the end only one stood out and to me she will wear the crown tomorrow. so without further ado, here they are..

ROUND 8: THe Final top 16 Favorites


My Miss Universe 2012: AUSTRALIA (Renae Ayris)
1st Runner-up: SOUTH AFRICA (Melinda Bam)
2nd Runner-up: PHILIPPINES (Janine Tugonon)
3rd Runner-up: VENEZUELA (Irene Esser)
4th Runner-up: PUERTO RICO (Bohdine Koehler)

6. GEORGIA (Tamar Shedania)
7. MALAYSIA (Kimberly Leggett)
8. CZECH REPUBLIC (Tereza Chlebovska)
9. USA (Olivia Culpo)
10. FINLAND (Sarah Chafak)

Completing The TOP 16:

11. CROATIA (Elizabeta Burg)
12. PARAGUAY (Egni Eckert)
13. MEXICO (Karina Gonzales)
14. SPAIN (Andrea Huisgen)
15. GUYANA (Ruqayya Boyer)
16. ECUADOR (Carolina Aguirre)

Some Thoughts:

BLONDE vs. BLONDE:76726_481636765220532_1131592414_n

Last time  this happened was in 2004! this year my hunch is that the touted top favorite of almost all pageant followers won’t win it all because my gut feeling is that the thunder from down under will snatch the crown from her! AUSTRALIA’s Renae Ayris has all the makings of a Miss Universe, plus we all know that politics play a role in every pageants and that’s something we can’t deny. I should point out that 2 of this year’s major sponsors are Kooey Australia and Australian Gold (does it make business sense? remember Mikimoto? 2007? Riyo Mori?), I’m not saying that Renae can’t win it through her own merits but I feel that MUO wants to establish this brand down there and some rumors that they want to stage this pageant in Australia in the near future! On the upside, I feel that the organization needs another sensational blonde winner (remember Jennifer Hawkins? she’s Donald Trump and Paula Shugart’s most favorite Miss Universe). Now about SOUTH AFRICA’s Melinda Bam, I foresee her placing 2nd because I don’t think MUO appreciates SA backing out of hosting the pageant this year. But I must agree that Melinda is an outstanding competitor, no doubt about that but between her and Australia? my vote goes to the latter, she’s more beautiful and I won’t get tired of looking at her for a year!

The FRONT RUNNERS:  PHILIPPINES’ Janine Tugonon is in everyone’s list and is also on the look out for the crown! No one can deny how good her catwalk is, and that face? just breathtaking! VENEZUELA and PUERTO RICO will be back in the Top 5 after a 2 year hiatus! Irene Esser and Bohdine Koehler will battle it out til the last round, so excited to see this latina battle!

SCENE STEALERS: FINLAND’S Sarah Chafak just wowed me! Every year we’re looking forward to that one unknown candidate to take the preliminaries by storm, and this year she did it! Wow she’s so beautiful! MALAYSIA and GEORGIA also gave us commanding stage presence! Bravo girls! and I succumbed to the hype on GUYANA, I must agree it was indeed a Miriam Quiambao moment for her, she’s really working that fall, though she later admitted that she’s been following pageants and that she saw the 2 miss USA’s fell on stage before, i wonder if she did that on purpose but I gotta give it to her, after all it would be refreshing to see her country place for the first time! PARAGUAY is also hard to ignore, she’s a living barbie! ECUADOR’s Carolina Aguirre also did a great job and i’m surprised to see how good she is in her interview! She got that Mariah Carey vibe and that’s so admirable! And MEXICO got loud cheers from her compatriots, many pageant fans were dissatisfied with her performance but her stunning beauty compensated it.

SENTIMENTAL FAVORITES: I would still place my bets on these girls anytime. SPAIN is bubbly and i love her happy disposition. You can really feel how important this pageant is to her. Her preliminary performance was good enough for her to merit a semi-final spot plus the fact that her father paid the costly franchise fee for her to compete this year, nah I don’t think that will go unrewarded! CROATIA’s Elizabeta Burg is indeed one of the faces of the pageant! If the competition is based on photos only, she wins this hands down, I just hope she adds spunk to her swimsuit performance so she can advance further. USA, to me has the most beautiful face! She radiates with so much vibrance! I love her!

It’s anybody’s ball game! I hope i’ll do well this year as far as this prediction is concerned, though I really know that there will be a surprise placement and some heartbreaking shockers tomorrow but hey that’ s the name of the game! it’s a gamble!


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