*My Top 16 Favorites in 2011 REVISITED….

Before I release my FINAL Favorites, let me show you how well I did in last year’s pageant, check out my 2011 Top 16 Prediction..

My 2011 favorites...

I managed to predict 11 out of the actual Top 16 which so far is my 2nd best (next to 2007 which I got 12 out of 15).

As we all know ANGOLA won last year which I only placed 14th in this list, she was one of sentimental favorites but I only placed her in that spot thinking she wouldn’t deliver but she proved me wrong came finals night plus she had the Portuguese audience at her back and that really favored her as far as swaying the judges’ votes! 3 of my Predicted Top 5 reached the actual top 5, it was a great moment to see 2 asians in the last round! Both PHILIPPINES and CHINA did a great job in the finals (it was also interesting to note that these 2 countries are in dispute of a group of islands which was very controversial last year). UKRAINE represented Europe in the top 5 and eventually finished 2nd to Leila Lopes! It was great to see PANAMA, COSTA RICA, NETHERLANDS and AUSTRALIA made the semi-finals, these ladies were 4 of the highly buzzed candidates last year! I correctly predicted VENEZUELA to leave the competition early because as we all know she didn’t make it past the swimsuit round which was kinda strange knowing she had a great body! And the biggest revelation was PORTUGAL placing and even reaching the Top 10, I remember I was one of the few who believed in this girl, she was amazing and she won last year’s fan vote thus earned her a spot in the Top 16!

And the next 5 ladies were major favorites last year but failed to make it in the semi-finals, what happened? This has got to be one of the most shocking moments in pageantry!


Read more of my thoughts here in this link:



And here’s my in depth review of the pageant after the finals:


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