*(MISS UNIVERSE 2012) ROUND 7: The 15 Most BEAUTIFUL Faces :::

For this round judging is solely based on Beauty of face! you know, the type that needs no analysis just simply gorgeous at a glance! Meet them..

1a Top 15 Gorgeous

USA’s Olivia Culpo wins this hands down! She takes really good pictures both professional or candid! She takes my breath away! FINLAND has really caught my attention since the poolside photoshoot and I noticed how gorgeous her features are, the eyes, the lips, perfection! CROATIA, she’s Elizabeta Burg and the way she says her name makes her even more appealing, she’s Pulchritude personified! VIETNAM is a sweetheart, in group photos you can’t help but notice how pretty she is! love her! and ETHIOPIA is an African goddess, I wonder why she doesn’t get that much notice, I’m glad this country is back in this year’s competition!

HUNGARY’s Agnes Konkoly just blew me away in the preliminaries, what a gorgeous face! CZECH REPUBLIC just wow, i’m still in awe just imagine her doing the final look come finale night, that face plastered on your tv screens oh girl, I can die before the world ends! There’s no denying that MALAYSIA’s rep is her country’s biggest hope for the finals, and just like Czech Republic, I can stare at her all day! AUSTRALIA and UKRAINE are real life barbie dolls, are we in consensus?

Other gorgeous faces are the delegates from the PHILIPPINES, THAILAND, CHILE, BELGIUM and MEXICO!


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