The crucial preliminary competition is over, last night we saw the girls compete in Evening gowns and then they changed into their 2 piece swimwear! In this Round, I will present to you the 10 Best in swimsuit (presentation wise!). We are looking at the overall package! from the body to their catwalk skills and of course their facial beauty! In my opinion these are the 10 best! Hope you like it!

Top 10 Best in Swimsuit

PUERTO RICO wins this round hands down! she was the bomb! In 2nd place would be another latina, PARAGUAY was smashing in that Kooey swimsuit! And FINLAND takes the 3rd place, this girl came from nowhere from the previous rounds but after the prelims, I consider her the one to watch! She’s a revelation! AUSTRALIA is phenomenal! and taking the 5th spot is the stunning Miss PHILIPPINES who was sensational and had one of the best catwalks of the night!

MALAYSIA is also causing some knees to tremble, she is a rising star! Truly a goddess!! ARUBA has done incredibly well and she has a womanly figure, the type that most men love! SPAIN was so memorable, she was confident and fun to watch! I love her to pieces! SOUTH AFRICA had strong stage chops, and the body? just WOWW!! and BRAZIL takes the 10th spot in this list, she was so irresistible!

Other notables who also did really well are the following: GEORGIA, ECUADOR, COLOMBIA, CHINA, VENEZUELA, JAPAN, SRI LANKA, USA and UKRAINE!!

Standby for the BEST in EVENING GOWNS…. coming up!!


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