Hey folks, we’re now at round 4 and this is one of the highlights of this year’s pageants! One of MUO best assets is having the gifted Fadil Berisha to do the photoshoot. Since 2004 he had given us some of the best photos ever!

so now here’s my TOP 20 favorite fadil glam shots!

ROUND 4: Best in Fadil glam shots

1. PHILIPPINES – She’s givin hotness a new meaning!! I love that she’s playing peak-a-boo in this shot! naughty yet still classy!
2. CZECH REPUBLIC – Oh Tereza, you are so divine! most beautiful face this year.
3. CROATIA – soooo stunning! I can’t keep her out of my list!
4. SPAIN – I love this photo, it kinda tells a story! my interpretation is she’s longing for love! good job Andrea!
5. HAITI – love love this shot! Gorgoeus!
6. GEORGIA – Georgia is always on my mind! this photo is fabulous, she’s giving Rozanna Purcell a run for her money!
7. USA – Gorgeous Olivia Culpo is really working it for the cameras, one of my fave shots for sure!
8. CHILE –  she’s bringing old hollywood glamour back! classic beauty!
9. MEXICO – She really made me eat my words! this girl is beyond GORGeoUS!!
10. NETHERLANDS – Another beauty worth celebrating!
11. SOUTH AFRICA -I hear the crowd screamin’, take it off! this girl is HOT HOT HOT!!
12. POLAND – love this pose!
13. BAHAMAS – Booty tooch it girl!
14. PARAGUAY – another one for the boys, sexually arresting bombshell!
15. SWITZERLAND – I love this shot! And I’m keeping my eye on this girl, she is one of the most improved beauties! She reminds me of an exotic VS angel, just don’t know the name!
16. AUSTRALIA – She’s sooo fine! Go Renae, you are definitely building the momentum, Keep it up!
17. INDONESIA – This is another one that caught my attention, Selena looks so glamorized here!
18. PUERTO RICO – Fine, fierce and fabulous!
19. KOSOVO – The Catherine Zeta jones deadringer! And love those melons too, hihi
20. VENEZUELA – And irene is her name, a not so ordinary girl or name, but whose to blame? Gorgeous beauty!


STAY TUNED FOR ROUND 5: best web interviews…


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