*(MISS UNIVERSE 2012) ROUND 3: Stunners in Evening Gowns

Welcome to ROUND 3, this portion is the battle of the dresses! I am no Fashion expert but among the 89 Candidates’ photos published on the official miss universe website, I have carefully evaluated and I have come up with this list! Typically these are the gowns that wowed me! Are you ready? here we go..

Round 3: Stunners in Evening Gowns

So Who sprang a surprise? let’s meet them individually!

Round 3: Stunners in Evening gowns

1. BRAZIL (Gabriela Markus) – Oh my gawd! I was stunned the moment I saw her gown, it has got to be my favorite! It’s so sophisticated and very classic! This is the same gown she wore during her national pageant! I’d be thrilled if she wears this gown in the preliminaries cuz this will surely propel her chances to place in the Top 16! You wanna see her live in action? watch this and you’ll be mesmerized!

2. PUERTO RICO (Bohdine Koehler) – Most of you would agree that this is one of the best gowns this year! She’s just uber gorgeous! This gown reminds me of Martha Vasconcellos’ gown in Miss Universe 1968, another classic ensemble!

3. TANZANIA (Winfrida Dominic) – My jaw dropped after seeing that photo! She’s just breathtaking! I’m a sucker for see-through gowns and the detailing? it’s scintillating!

4. CZECH REPUBLIC (Tereza Chlebovska) – This girl continuously to impress me, day by day, photo after photo! She really knows what she’s doing! You gotta love her poses, it’s like she’s making love to the camera, if only cameras could talk…

5. CHILE (Ana Luisa Konig) – After the fierceness of those four beauties above, here’s one who displays subtlety and serenity! She looks soo Hollywood on this dress! I like the simplicity she evokes and the color pink is just so perfect! I won’t mind seeing her wear this come preliminaries!

Round 3 part 2
6. CROATIA (Elizabeta Burg) – She’s elegance personified! This girl knows how to work it! I saw her video during the welcome event and when she came out the time had just stopped! She’s stunning!

7. SOUTH AFRICA (Melinda Bam) – We already know this girl has a great body! And this dress just puts an exclamation point to that!

8. KOSOVO (Diana Avdiu) – This gown puts an emphasis to her status as a goddess! I love how she works it and she really capitalizes on her asset, if you know what I mean..

9. POLAND (Marcelina Zawadska) – This is a love it or hate it gown but in my case? I’m loving it the more I look at it, the more I imagine how she sashays the stage wearing it just sends shivers up my spine! And how can you miss those legs! i’m liking her!

10. COLOMBIA (Daniela Alvarez) – Is this canary yellow? feel free to correct me, but I love this gown! And I’m sure she has mastered that walk to work it!

11. MALAYSIA (Kimberly Leggett) – So far this girl is showing faultless perfection! She’s in fighting form!!

12. SPAIN (Andrea Huisgen) – I’m not sure if this is her final dress or what but I like it! And I like the attitude! She always appears genuinely happy and shows enthusiasm, keep it up girl!

Round 3 part 3
13. ALBANIA (Adrola Dushi) – She’s wearing my favorite pageant color! And this gown has two sided slits, Last time I saw a woman worked a double sided slit dress was the legendary Yanina Gonzales!

14. FRANCE (Marie Payet) – Metallic gowns are always in! It makes the wearer look expensive! And Marie Payet makes it more sophisticated!

15. SRI LANKA (Sabrina Herft) – Ferosh! Love her here!

16. SLOVAK REPUBLIC (Lubica Stepanova) – wow black gowns are usually risque especially in a pageant! But I like this one, it’s very simple and I like the detailing, and Lubica was able to pull it off! makes me wanna borro it, kudos to the designer too!

17. BAHAMAS (Celeste Marshall) – there’s something about this dress that I like, it just makes her skin popped out! And Celeste is truly beautiful! I hope Bahamas finally places!

18. VENEZUELA (Irene Esser) – simplicity at its finest! i love the detail in the midsection of the gown, she’s gorgeous!

19. GEORGIA (Tamar Shedania) – ive seen many copycat of this dayana mendoza gown, but Tamar is owning it, it’s like a song remake, she’s doing her own version and she’s fierce and fabulous!

20. MONTENEGRO – I put her here because i like her styling. The hair, the pose and i actually love the gown. In a sea of elaborate evening gowns it is refreshing to see a simple gown like hers, and i saw her walk, i tell you she is a pro! love that great catwalk!!


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