*(MISS UNIVERSE 2012) ROUND 1: ‘Pre-Arrival Favorites

I will continue the tradition of forecasting the favorites in 3 rounds as we lead to the finale! This stage of the competition is based on the delegates pre-arrival photos shot in their respective countries! Who made the elite list in the 1st round? everybody join me as I unveil them, here they are…

Miss Croatia

1. CROATIA (Elizabeta Burg

) – On the Top spot is the goddess Elizabeta Burg from CROATIA, the moment she was crowned in her homeland! I already reserved a spot for her in the top 5, she is just soo stunning! Watch out for her!

Puerto Rico

2. PUERTO RICO (Bohdine Koehler) – Another amazing beauty this year! She is one of the headlining beauties in this year’s Miss Universe pageant, it’s as if she’s the gauge whether the newly crowned national winner can stand a chance competing against her!


3. PHILIPPINES (Janine Tugonon) – Here’s one exotic stunner from the islands! She is fresh and fierce, she can really shake the competition in Vegas! The Philippines is in it to win it! A major threat!


4. ECUADOR (Carolina Aguirre) – Another one of the higly buzzed candidates this year! she’s a sure fire contender!


5. VENEZUELA (Irene Esser) – Her beauty is monumental! After a two year hiatus out of the Top 5, this country is hungry to place and sail through to the final round. Irene is going to wow us all!

Czech Republic

6. CZECH REPUBLIC (Tereza Chlebovska) – After a successful showing in Miss Earth by her compatriot, you can just imagine how focused and determined this lass is! Her goal? to bring forth her country’s 3rd grandslam title! This eye candy is armed with an amazing stage presence so you better watch out for her!!


7. JAMAICA (Chantal Zaky) – She’s knockout beauty! One of the chocolate stunners this year! Can she equal or surpass Yendi Phillip’s feat 2 years ago? with that banging body? she sure can!


8. MALAYSIA (Kimberly Legget) – She is one of the most talked about contestants this year! I really hope she can bring forth her country’s 1st semi-final placement in what? 40 years? oh boy, after Deborah Henry’s shocking exclusion last year! I hope this country will finally be recognized in the pageant map!


9. USA (Olivia Culpo) – This eye candy will definitely make waves this year! I wont mind seeing USA place in the Top 5 again!


10. MEXICO (Karina Gonzales) – I was one of those who disliked her during her crowning but when all the latinas converged in Nicaragua for a fashion show, boy I tell you she wowed me! For me she looked the best! So don’t count her out cuz Mexico has that magic luck in las Vegas, where the country’s 2 Miss Universe winners were crowned!

Completing the list:


11. NETHERLANDS (Nathalie Den Dekker) – My wish of seeing her compete in the Miss Universe stage has come true! this woman is a force to reckon with!!

South Africa

12. SOUTH AFRICA (Melinda Bam) – Her name just shoots me! Everytime i see her? bam bam bam!! It hits me like crazy, this beauty is the bomb!


13. KOSOVO (Diana Avdiu) – This striking beauty just reminds me so much of the goddess Catherine Zeta Jones, who doesn’t know Catherine? I’m sure you know what i’m talking about, just look at her photo at the official site!


14. SINGAPORE (Lynn Tan) – She’s sultry and sassy! She is very Nicole Faria (Miss Earth 2010). I love her long straight jet black hair, I hope she won’t let her guard down cuz she can get drowned in a sea of stunning women come Vegas time!

El Salvador

15. EL SALVADOR (Ana Yancy Clavel) – She is one of the best latinas around! I just hope she appears looking leaner and fitter when she wears their official swimwear! Last time this country placed was in 1996, wow that’s so long ago! I hope she can penetrate and represent Central America in the semi-finals!


16. GEORGIA (Tamar Shedania) – I hope she’s not just a beautiful face! For me she is this country’s best entrant since their debut in 2004! I really wanna see that breakthrough of seeing this country get the call in the semi-finals! It would be soo refreshing!


4 thoughts on “*(MISS UNIVERSE 2012) ROUND 1: ‘Pre-Arrival Favorites

  1. I like them, though I have my own list:
    Australia Belgium Croatia Ecuador Germany Kosovo Norway Romania Russia Serbia Singapore Sweden Ukraine USA Venezuela

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