*Round 3: The FINAL List of favorites for MISS EARTH 2012

After too much deliberations, I am now unveiling the Final list for this year’s Miss Earth Beauty Pageant! Hope you like it!

My Miss Earth: SOUTH AFRICA (Tamerin Jardine)SOUTH AFRICA for the win! She is the undisputed leader on all 3 rounds (Pre-arrival, Post Press Presentation and now the Final List). Without a doubt Tamerin is a gorgeous girl, very approachable yet very competitive, she knows what she wants and that is to win the title! I would be thrilled if the Miss Earth crown returns to the African continent for the 2nd time! And like I said in my previous post, it’s high time for Carousel to crown a delegate coming from a solid and functional organization, Kudos to the ME South Africa Org for a job well done!

Miss Air: USA (Siria Bojorquez) – She is very impressive, I also foresee her as a possible winner! The Miss Earth Org will definitely have its presence felt in the US if a stunning beauty like Siria with great advocacies, wins on saturday! what I like about her the most is that she introduced to us a relatively new concept called “Upcycling”, I’ve never heard it before but it sure sounds beneficial and good for the environment! way to go!

Miss Water: CZECH REPUBLIC (Tereza Fajksova) – There is no way this country will miss to place in the semi-finals! C’mon! She is the reason why I follow this pageant after a disastrous result last year! So c’mon Carousel, get your act together and give her one of the crowns!

Miss Fire: VENEZUELA (Osmariel Villalobos) – She’s a Super beauty! A pageant is boring without a Miss Venezuela competing! She’s one of those who got the most awards and her eco-video was quite impressive! So will Venezuela finally win its 2nd ME crown? we shall see!

The TOP 8:

5. MONGOLIA (Battsetseg Turbat) – Just when I thought Thailand is Asia’s best contender, that all changed when this lass arrived! She is just flawless, great body, very statuesque and a doll like beauty! What more can you ask for? She may be a replacement and I can say she’s a better one!

6. TURKEY (Melis Durasi) – Wow, she’s just divine! Last year I rooted for Miss Turkey to place but I was shocked too see her clapped, and now Turkey is up for a revenge! This beauty just won the most medals! how impressive is that? And Her beauty just radiates in the evening gown she wore! She really has an inside track in to the Top 8 and a Top 4 is a possibility!

7. PUERTO RICO (Darli Pacheco) – She’s bringing flavor to this year’s pageant! She is the spice! I was right all along that once she competes in a swimsuit she will end up with the top plum! An elemental crown is also a possibility for this well rounded beauty! Good job Darli!

8. NETHERLANDS (Shauny Bult) – I just love her! She’s my soft spot this year! Her beauty is so hard to ignore! She kinda resembles Sarka Cojokarova (my last year’s bet for the title). Her unassuming attitude is also one of her best assets!!

Completing the List:

THAILAND (Warathaya Wongchayaporn), POLAND (Justyna Razcyk), KENYA (Fiona Konchella), BRAZIL (Camila Brant), RUSSIA (Natalia Pereverzeva), SWEDEN (Camilla Hansson), NEPAL (Nagma Shrestha), PHILIPPINES (Stephany Stefanowitz, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC (Rocio Castellanos), AUSTRALIA (Jenna Seymour), GUAM (Sarah Filush), ARGENTINA (Tatiana Bischoff), AUSTRIA (Sandra Seidl), INDONESIA (Chelsy Liven) and US VIRGIN ISLANDS (Carolyn Whitney Carter)

My Thoughts:

This list doesn’t aim to influence the final results but we hope so otherwise. Who will be the new elemental queens? LEt’s start the countdown to the finale, the pageant night is on November 24th!! I can’t wait!!


5 thoughts on “*Round 3: The FINAL List of favorites for MISS EARTH 2012

  1. South Africa Tamerin Jardine I agree with your comments AND feel Tamerin is the WHOLE package ( beauty, brains, drive, passion, dedication, loyalty,humble .)

  2. You are so right about Miss USA, Siria Bojorquez. She is an amazing young woman, and would be a wonderful representative for Miss Earth. :o)

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