*Manila’s Ultimate Hunk: Announced

Last October 21, 2012 the titillating first edition of Manila’s Ultimate Hunk has been successfully staged at the Library bar in Malate, Manila. As opposed to the original line-up of 21 contestants, only 16 showed up with a few new faces not in the original roster(due to unavoidable circumstances, maybe the organizers should look into this so as not to spoil the expectations of some pageant pundits moving forward) to my dismay one of the big favorites, Bernald Velaszquez was a no-show! He could’ve given the eventual winner a run for his money! but the show must go on and proved to have at least met my expectations. so kudos to everyone involved!

The Top 5 winners were:

Grand winner: Allen Molina
1st runner-up: Denver Flores
2nd runner-up: Arbie Silva
3rd runner-up: James Pinca
4th runner-up: Richard Carlos

completing the Top 8 were Nathan Ignacio, JM Divinagracia, Sherwyl and Bryan Manuel

This is Bernald Velasquez, if only he was there. Could’ve have the results been different?

My Qualms and Quibbles:
I was disappointed to see Niccolo Aguilar being shut out of the Top 8! What was that all about? He had the best obliques and had a really proportionate torso! Perhaps he just didn’t show much enthusiasm as opposed to his previous stint (during the Heatwave finals where he landed in 2nd place). He lost it for not having the ooomph and showmanship that the aforementioned Top 8 finalists had! Or did my hype cost him a spot? I don’t think so! all i can say I guess is that, the stars were not aligned in his favor that night!


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