*Ginoong Republika (Mr. Philippine Republic 2012) Favorites revealed….

October is a busy month as far as Male pageants are concerned! From Mister Philippines, to Manhunt Philippines, here’s another one that will surely arouse your senses. It’s time for Ginoong Republika 2012, the pageant will be held on Oct. 30. Meanwhile, meet my Favorites..


1. ALLEN MOLINA – Considered a pageant veteran now as he graced 3 competitions in a span of 3 weeks! I can say that his motto is “Strike while the iron is hot”, this guy stands poise to claim this title! judging his showmanship, he can sway judges’ votes with his scintillating moves!

2. MIKE HILTON – This guy, just like Allen, has made rounds in quite a few male body and personality searches! Physically, his body is beyond amazing! His blessed with those washboard abs!

3. ARCHIE MANALILI – This guy is a rising star! I really think he can break into showbiz with that scorching look! do you agree?

4. PETER MENDIJAR – One of my sentimental favorites! this guy boasts a lot of charm! And I gotta admit, I envy his broad shoulders to death! He has won a number of pageants even beating his pal Jhonmark Marcia! Can he runaway with this title?

5. MARK ALAIN FELKER – Another worthy player here, a pageant veteran himself, you can’t deny this guy’s gorgeous looks, and did you notice his statuesque height? he gotta thank those loooonnnnggggg legs!

6. NATHAN IGNACIO – Pecs? check! broad shoulders? check! sexy and pronounced BUTTOCKS? big CHECK! I have to tell you he has the sexiest behind i’ve seen in many years! It’s unfortunate this photo doesn’t showcase his rear view! 🙂


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