*My Final picks for MISTER PHILIPPINES 2012:::


1. CAVITE – Kevin Raqueno
I have to say this guy is really impressive! He’s gifted with a towering height, alabaster skin tone! And a smile that can melt the hearts of women and men alike! He was a showstopper! he commanded attention and drew the loudest cheers from the audience!! he looked more gorgeous than I thought!! Gosh, he reminds me of Mister Korea International 2011!

2. ILIGAN CITY – Jessie Bayudang
– Here’s another frontrunner for the title! it felt as if the time had stopped when he appeared on stage. He gathered a significant number of cheers from the audience thus proving he’s a gorgeous hottie indeed! If we go by looks alone, he can very well represent the Philippines abroad.

3. ILOILO – Willan Pagayon
– This guy has turned me into a believer! From nowhere near my list in Round 1, to placing 15th in Round 2. Now he took a big leap to the Top 3 spot after seeing him in the Pre-pageant show! Let me tell you he was oozing with sex appeal! That gaze was a knockout! He can be a very good choice for the title too, I wouldn’t mind seeing him walk away with the top plum!

4. CAGAYAN VALLEY – Randy Dela Cruz
– Here’s a guy who possesses a matinee idol look! You can’t deny the fact that he’s really gorgeous! He won the Best in Formal Wear award and I must say he deserved it! I’m also eyeing on him as a possible winner!

5. MARIKINA CITY – Mark Gutoman
– This guy is a revelation! His walks and turns were flawless last Sunday, and his smile? I swear he’ll swoon you over, he has this magnetic smile that’s so hard to ignore! He’s a true standout! I have to say that he was solid at all rounds of exposures last sunday! His Casual wear was uhmazing! And he possesses that winning aura! And boy, his stage presence was mounting, very confident!

6. TACLOBAN CITY (Matt William Po)
– Ooohh lala! He’s one of the 2 guys who opted to strip his shirt off! For a moment I was in cloud nine! Lolz! But I must say he also has strong stage chops and he was really elegant during the Formal Wear! He reminds me of a Thai male model, I just forgot the name! Very pretty boy!

7. IMUS CITY (Michael Carino)
– I still think he’s the face of the pageant! He’s a super cutie! very dashing and can venture into acting! And oh I love his hair so much!

8. DASMARINAS CITY ( Kenneth Sarroca)
– He’s mighty tall!! One of my darkhorses!! I find him gorgeous too and his towering height is his best asset! He just came off a bit timid last sunday but hey that can still be worked on, he gotta learn to have that scorching gaze from Mister Iloilo and he’ll do just fine come finals night!! But other than that? he’s Hot!

9. ROXAS CITY ( Jhoe Bulquerin)
– He’s a graphic artist, so what about it? I find them really hot! there’s something about graphic artists that’s so attractive! well let’s not talk about his profession hehehe! About this lad, he gave one praise-worthy performance last sunday! And that face? flawless wow, he doesn’t look like he gets stressed at all, always looking fresh! I envy you!

10. BATANGAS (Gelo Luna)
– If we go by the trend of cutesy winners, like our past 2 winners? then this guy has an advantage! I like him! I also think he can be a good winner too! He has style and good breeding, you can really tell he was raised well by his parents!

11. CAVITE (Lois Andrews)
– I foresee that this guy can spring a surprise and very well advance further than this spot! He also has this matinee idol appeal! More of a Cesar Montano vibe, do you guys see it? I do! If he’s more buff then he can easily sweep through to the Top 5!

12. BULACAN (Vhince Geraled Arceo)
– He’s so adorable! So love his bunny smile! Everytime he does that he takes my breath away!! And he’s just so young, I’m sure this experience will really help him improve more say 2 years from now? he’s going to rock any male competitions if he desires to! way to go man!

13. MAKATI CITY (Jolly Go)
– This guy is Brawn personified! You can’t help but get jealous everytime you see those muscles!! And those biceps? ooohh lala! I’d say this is his biggest advantage! Like I said before, IF the Mister International pageant were to be held tomorrow, Mister Makati is all set and ready!!

14. RIZAL (Red Lumauag)
– I still have to say he’s my soft spot in this year’s pageant! He really has an endearing personality! He’s the type you’d like to make friends with! And boy you better see his headshots upclose, he really is a certified Gwapo! He’s like Piolo Pascual and Edward Mendez rolled into one! Goodluck Red!!

15. CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY(Juancho Pascual)
– He’s the “Haciendero” type! a businessman and a graduate of Ateneo, it’s like every parents want their daughters to marry him, he’s the typical gentleman! Now back to the Fashion show last sunday, I was stunned when I saw him came out in Formal Wear, he looked so dashing and scintillating! Honestly, he made me appreciate Formal wear even more! He’s a seasoned model indeed. It’s as if this businessman had done nothing other than modeling! I have to say he’s one of the best dressed last sunday! Literally, he wowed me!!

————-> So there, I must say the rest of the candidates are equally deserving! Sorry for being biased to these guys above but hey here’s your chance to give them a run for their money! In a competition, not all favorites go home as winners! There’s always that one candidate in the background, who come out of nowhere and bang! can walk away with the title! So don’t be disheartened about this list, after all I’m just an armchair judge, the decision still lies with the Final Panel of Judges and it’s up to you to show them what you got! To the candidates Goodluck on October 6 may the best man win! To the organizers, great job for a better and more improved edition this year! Here’s hoping that next year, we can take this pageant on TV? ohh taray db?

that’s all Folks!


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