::ROUND 2: Miss Universe 2013, Top 16 BEST Fadil “ice queen” Glamshots!

Posted: October 28, 2013 in :: MISS UNIVERSE ::

Part of the Miss Universe fever is the release of the yearly Fadil Glamshots! Every year pageant fans and pundits are wowed by the creative ideas by no less than the expert and resident photographer Fadil Berisha! This year’s theme is “Ice queen” Let’s meet who has the best glam shots!

USA leads this round with that super gorgeous face!

USA leads this round with that super gorgeous face!

Let’s meet the Top 5:

1. USA (Erin Brady) – No provocative poses, just simply giving us that look, how can you ignore that face? Beautiful!


2. CZECH REPUBLIC (Gabriela Kratochvilova) – pose for the camera now! flick! flick! This girl is shaking things up! Talking about poses this is my most favorite, how she angles her arm with that amazing face is priceless!


3. SPAIN (Patricia Rodriguez) – I love this woman’s face! Just like USA, she needs not those extra poses, that face alone can take her to the top!

4. HUNGARY (Rebeka Karpati) – Most pageant fans love this shot! Dang, I don’t see any faults on this one! Love her!

5. ITALY (Luna Voce) – Look at that leg! wow she’s HOT!!

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  1. E.Castillo says:

    For me…any picture can be photoshopped to perfection! I like the spontaneous beauty in motion conveyed by videos like the Tony Ward Fashion show..etc.!

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